Monday, April 20, 2009

First LIVE On-The-Road Post!

LIVE From Colerain Township, Ohio - That's right, yours truly has taken this blog on the road for the first time!

We're coming to you LIVE from Panera Bread on Colerain Avenue in Northgate/Colerain Twp., Ohio, right across from Northgate Mall.

So far, minus the expected difficulty in carrying the laptop around town, we're not having any big issues with it. The wireless networks here are very good to say the least :-)

We'll be back from the home base tonight. Meantime, here's a picture of yours truly as I am posting this :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Laptop! YAY I can post from outside home if I want!

Today, I bought this brand spanking new laptop at Best Buy in Florence. :-) I so far am very happy with it, as it is working MUCH better than the desktop in the room :-) Time will tell how well it continues to work however :)

Special Happy Birthday Wishes

The picture above is my mother, Tereasa Herald. It was taken on a cruise in 2004.

Today is my mom's birthday. Modesty forbids me to say how old she really is...but she likes to celebrate her 29th birthday every year. (If true of course, she would have had to have me at age 5, an impossibility. Either that, or my grandma is really my mom.)

Anyway, leave comments and birthday love for my mom here, and I'll be sure to forward them to her!

Courage + Belief = LIFE


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Three Thoughts Today

I know, I've been a bad blogger ;) But life has overtaken me...that, and Tri-State Media Watch's growing sphere of influence...;)

So here's three things for today:

1) First and most important, HAPPY EASTER to all my Christian blog friends! May your day be blessed, and remember the reason we celebrate today.
2) Update on Krystlyn: The last I heard, Krystlyn's condition continues to improve slowly and steadily. Keep praying for her, and for Stacie too.
3) Last but certainly not least, this comes via a look at Cliff's blog update...Mike Golch, a fellow blogger and friend of WIXY's Gone Bananas' head writer, tells Cliff that his mother-in-law is going in for a test Monday to determine if she might be suffering early stages of leukemia. So pray for that situation, too.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Haven't posted in a few days.

Just a couple quickie updates...

* Yes I am doing ok physically :) Last week sucked but this week has been good, just BUSY! Especially Wednesday with the TSMW interview with Katie Finnigan.

* Tomorrow night is gonna be crazy! I'll be at Fountain Square from 6:00-8:30pm, hanging out for Fountain Day. By the way, LOCAL12's Bob Herzog (a personal friend of yours truly) will be attempting to lead a, MASSIVE...Dance Party Saturday in lieu of the missed Dance Party Friday today. (For the uninitiated, DPF is a tradition on WKRC's Good Morning Cincinnati broadcast on Fridays at 5:48am...Herzog dances...he says whatever music he can get his hands on. It's hilarious. And then he posts them on his facebook for all to see. :-)) Anyway, that's gonna be, if you're in the Cincy metro and like watching people make fools of themselves (that would be me and Bob)...join us downtown on Fountain Square (Fifth between Vine and Walnut Streets).

* I'm still thinking about a lot of personal stuff. But my depression is no longer as bad as it had been which is great!

That's about it for the thoughts for this early Saturday morning. Again...if you're in this area, hit Fountain Square between 6-8:30pm and watch me make a fool outta myself by dancing...badly...

Courage + Belief = LIFE