Saturday, February 28, 2009

I have discovered how useful Twitter can be!

I have always had a Twitter presence at But, now my other blog on here, Tri-State Media Watch, has its own twitter spot.

It's at :)

By the way I am going to post my twitter feed from the jeremy_moses23 link on here soon.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shellmo has ANOTHER giveaway!

Here she goes again :)

Another giveaway by Shellmo @ Building a Log's the details:

Time for a GIVEAWAY from the log cabin!

Recently, I opened an on-line store featuring my photography on gift items. You may have seen my store on the sidebar of this blog. A portion of the sales are being donated to my favorite nature and wildlife organizations (my number one charity being the Michigan Loon Preservation Association.) In celebration of my opening, I would like to give away a few gifts from my site. The winner will receive 2 gifts. Here's the rules:

1. U.S. Resident only
2. Haven't won one of my previous giveaways
3. Must have a blog
3. Visit my site: and select one favorite item you would like to have from one of the following categories only: Greeting Cards, Magnets, Keychain or Buttons. No other categories are part of this giveaway. Thank you! Once you've decided, post your choice back here on my blog. Example: Shelley would like the redpoll keychain.
4. If you win, you will be given that item. If you are the first winner drawn, you will get a bonus gift.
5. There will be 3 lucky winners.
6. If you post my giveaway on your blog - I will give you three extra entries. Just let me know you did so.
7. Deadline for entering is midnight on Saturday, February 28th. Winner will be drawn on March 1.

Good luck!

When You Learn to Fall

For a few days, I've been struggling to come up with some new poetry work from my brain. I did promise last week that there would be new stuff, so, here's what popped off the top of my head a few minutes ago.(NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: For those wondering, while some people find it best to brainstorm their poetry, I believe that my best work has always come on the fly, with little or no thought put into it well ahead of time...which gives me room to envision where I am going. If I think too hard too soon, the stuff I write seems forced, and doesn't really feel like it's from the heart.)

This is called "When You Learn to Fall".

When You Learn to Fall

There's times when life lifts you up
And lets you see the sun
But then there's moments when you fall
And all you see is black

I have experienced plenty in my years
There's things these eyes have seen
Things that no set of eyes ever should see
But they happened, and happened to me

I will never forget all those weeks ago
When the one I loved, turned on me
What she taught me that early December day
Is never to trust too easily

But there is a lesson no one else can teach
And that I must learn on my very own
And that's that even as you learn to climb
That you also need to learn to fall

Written by Jeremy Shird Moses
5:25 AM 2/26/2009

Learning That One Can Only Take So Much...Before He Must Crumble.

That's been the lesson of my week pretty much.

See, for 6 weeks, I have had to be strong for everybody else. But for over 11 weeks, I've been trying to deal with my own personal issues. And every time I thought I was done, well blammo, I would be proven wrong.

At first, I went back to square one when I got knocked down. Then it was square two, then three and so on.

Finally, I collapsed emotionally(let me be clear, NO physical collapse this time although the night before, my panic attack DID precipitate a physical collapse that, until now, only Chris and Emily knew about) at 4:30am Cincinnati Time yesterday.

The rest of my Wednesday was, to be brutally honest, a struggle. I fought through my day. I fought to regain the happiness I had once had.

I think I'm getting close to that point but, I don't want to say for sure because it might not be real. It might be another false step up and I might tumble down again.

I hope I am wrong about that.

By the way, this will be one of MAYBE only two blog posts today. I did promise new work from J's brain, and it's coming with the next post in a moment as of 5:30am.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

An announcement - Thursday/Friday

I will not be blogging much either Thursday or Friday.

Thursday I have a DJ shift, then I have to get things together for Friday.

Friday, I have a 9am Social Security office appointment. Then I am headed to Cincinnati, where I will do a guest stint on M103 (It's only a guest appearance because I am not normally scheduled on Friday), then to the Colerain Twp. area Steak and Shake to meet with my dad, who I possibly may spend Friday night with.

I will be back on the blog Saturday. (NOTE: Tri-State Media Watch, my other blog which there's a link for at right, will not be updated til Monday UNLESS major news should break Thursday or Friday, as I will try to stay away from the keyboard as much as possible.)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Needing prayers/thoughts/whatever again.

Last night at approximately 330am, I had another, very severe stress/anxiety attack.

The results of this are still being felt as of this posting.

Please keep me in your thoughts/prayers.

Courage + Belief = Life


Sunday, February 22, 2009

An un-announced-on-Blogger Thank You Blog

In which J/JMos/Jeremy/Germany shall thank his it be:

Chris and Emi - Thank you so much. From the first time we met, unexpectedly, in the Levee a couple weeks ago, you two have shown me absolutely nothing more than respect and, hell I'll say it, love. Thank you guys for being there for me.

Mikey - What can I say bro? We're two guys from Cincy living our dreams as the Redneck Brothers. I love ya and thanks for sticking by me for all these years.

Krista - You're wonderful! Thanks for all you do!

My family (represented on myspace by my brother Mitchell and my stepdad Stephen) - Thanks for simply allowing me to live my life. We have our fights, our arguments, and yes our blowups, but at the end of the day, we're blood.

As for my Blogger Friends...

Shellmo, WIXY(Cliff), Jen, Randy, and all the rest...thank you all so much. Without you guys, this blog couldn't exist, because what's a blog without people to read it? Then it's just a journal...

Anybody else I didn't mention - you're still great people. I appreciate every last one of you.

NOTE: New work from J's brain is on the way...stay tuned...

More snow video

I hope some of y'all will indulge me for a moment.

Taken yesterday evening between 5-6pm...this was shot in 4 locations:

1) Home (that's the clip I had first posted on here)
2) KY 18 near my house
3) Main Street at Shelby Street
4) Turfway Road at KY 18 near I-71/75

Combining two myspace blogs into a single blogger blog.

So, let's hit a couple random thoughts right quick as I sit here at 2:15am:

-- Emi and Chris totally just own. I mean for real. Whenever I'm down, they've pulled me back up out of the abyss (or ditch, as the case was last weekend). I love them both, in different ways. These two just are awesome, they got me through last night in a huge way just showing the love and support that they do. I owe them both hugely. (Side note: Here's hoping the idea of a Monday hangout, actually comes to pass!)

-- My Blogger friends are cool, too. They were the ones who reminded me last night that I should "move on to bigger/better things." Or that they know how it is "to feel alone".

-- Have you noticed I do this blog in bulletpoint format lately? Much cleaner.

-- Mikey being ill sucks. Not necessarily because I'm spending more time on the air at m103. That part does not suck. The part that DOES suck, muchly, is that we had to postpone our monthly meeting of the Redneck Brother DJ's! And that had been postponed two or three times before that, after a) I got injured, and then b) his family got sick. Oh and let us not forget the all important factor c) the weather flat SUCKED the second time we tried it, resulting in J being stuck home for 5 days.(Side note number 2: That meeting is DEFINITELY happening THIS FRIDAY. We aren't gonna let it get sidetracked!)

-- A shuffle blog IS coming soon...maybe end of this week or next weekend. Thinking about Saturday morning. (We'll go back to the old style for that one.)

-- Final thought for the random part of this: Snow, when it is NOT sticking to roads and sidewalks totally owns all over me in February! Or any other time of winter, for that matter.

Now for a part of this blog with a purpose.

Back on January 7, I was in the fourth day of a diary blog on Myspace. But that diary blog got sidetracked when my computer acted up. Here's what I wrote that day:

Wed. Jan 7

10:50am: Won't be much to update today. Look at the
date, and, for those who were there at that time in my life, think back
two years. That's all I'll say. For those who haven't known me,
there'll be a post tomorrow about it (separate from the diary blog).

Here is that post.

It's been two years since Grandpa Mose died. He passed on 1/7/2007. That day never had a negative connotation to it before. Now it's forever etched in my memory, along with 3 other dates:


For those wondering, those are the dates that I know that my aunt Kathy, grandpa Mitch, and grandma Maxine died.

I still try to remember the good times that we had...but the way I found out about all but Grandpa Mitch dying was kinda detached. For Grandpa Mitch, I was there. I watched him lose his battle to stay alive. As for the others...I was not there.

I don't really have any pictures with me that I can share at the moment. Probably, sometime in the next week or two I'm gonna see if I can't get pictures of papa Mose and post them...he might not have seen me much, but at least he saw me grow up and reach the age of 21 before he died.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Had Another Award Bestowed on Me

Cliff gave me an Honest Scrap Award. This recognizes, well, honesty. This is what Cliff had to say:

Jeremy: A frequent visitor to many of these blogs. One who provides a service of reporting media news to those in the Greater Cincinnati area. One also devoted to his faith. Cliff Note: Go over and give Jeremy some encouragement as he's going through a very tough time.

So now I shall give this to the following:

Shellmo: For being one of the best Michigan people I know.
Chris, aka Spoons: Hasn't blogged very long on this site, but from his myspace blogs I will say first hand, he tells it how it is.
Randy: The name of his blog says it all..."The Way I See It".

OK now I'm supposed to give ten honest facts about myself. So here goes:

1) I can be a very impatient individual.
2) I am absolutely addicted to Mountain Dew.
3) I cannot handle spicy foods, because I get severe heartburn.
4) I was engaged at one point.
5) I love to take photos or videos of ANYTHING. (See previous post for proof.)
6) I do not weigh more than 118 pounds right now.
7) I never have been on an airplane, but I DID ride in a helicopter!
8) I sometimes wait to do things to the last minute.
9) I value my family and my closest friends more than life itself. If they were gonna be killed by some maniac with a gun, I'd jump in front of the bullet for them.
10) I came to know Jesus Christ as savior in 2000, just six months before having the first of several near-death experiences.

Snow Video Taken Minutes Ago

I took this from my second floor window only about 35 minutes ago. I thought it looked nice, so I took the video and made it into a sorta movie.

A Note about Last Night's Blog.

I realize last night may be worse than any of you have EVER seen me. You've never seen the raw ball of emotion that I sometimes become when I am extremely upset.

For any offense I might have caused, I apologize.

Suz left a comment that was on the money. Here it is:

Jeremy, I just went back and read your last 5 or 6 posts. You have had a lot going on...and it seems to have caught up with you emotionally. Friends are not perfect. Really. Just like the rest of us, sometimes they are just in their own little world too....forgive them and you will feel better. OR move along to bigger and better things. Just don't let other people bring you down. K?
Take care-

I am moving along, and will move to better things, better times and greener pastures as far as friends are concerned. Last night, I cleared everybody who'd never spoken to me, or hadn't in 6 months, off my lists (excluding Blogger). I need to have friends who will support me...and those who are left on my various friends lists, have done just that.

Friday, February 20, 2009


I have a bunch of sorry excuses for friends.

Only my Blogger friends, and Mikey, Chris and Emi, really give a damn.

They do not judge. They do not ignore me when I want someone to talk to. They won't pretend I'm not there and carry on a phone conversation.

Everyone else does.


So, as for all the people who SAID they were my friends, those people can go do whatever they want to do, and say goodbye to my friendship. Because I am DAMNED SICK OF BEING IGNORED, TRAMPLED ON, AND HAVING MY FEELINGS PLAYED WITH!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Time for Another Introduction :)

Well folks, my friend Chris aka Spoons has joined the blogosphere.

You can check out "The rants of a mad man"(WARNING: May contain some strong language, if offended easily don't click) here. Also, his "Observations of life through the eyes of Spoons" blog is here, and his "my writings" blog is here. Chris and I have been friends in real life for only a couple of weeks, but in that short amount of time, I've found out that he's a good man who cares about his friends, his family and his girlfriend...and the unborn baby he has on the way as well.

Drop by and welcome Spoons to the blog-o-sphere!

PS: He calls me's his nickname for me! I call him Spoons, he calls me's fair!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Headed into the new week...

Well, in part, anyway.

I haven't been on the air since Saturday. The major reason for that is because frankly, I felt like I didn't need to wear myself out by being on for 10 days straight. So I took Sunday and yesterday (I can say yesterday, it's past midnight ET) off. I'm back at it at 1pm today.

So let me throw a few thoughts at you.

First off, I want to say that my friends are simply amazing. Remember the incident earlier this weekend? I didn't tell you this part because...well, it slipped my mind at the time. But...when Emily and Chris came to get me out of the ditch...the first thing Emily did was to throw her arms around me. And she didn't let go for a minute or so. Not only that, but she held my hand the whole ride home, because frankly I was still shaken and upset. She's wonderful. And Chris is great too. I will have to see if I can get them to maybe blog on Blogger.

Meanwhile, my friend and fellow DJ K-I-D is still sick. He has a respiratory virus (let me be clear, it's a virus, not bacterial). He's going to be off air until Monday, so you're stuck with a combination of myself and DJ Dream until then.

I cannot wait for my church to move to its new home. I go to Florence Baptist Church here in Florence, and we've been building our brand new church campus at I-75/71 exit 178 on the south end of town. We're slated to move in on March 8th, with all programs fully underway at the new facility by April...believe me when I say, the new church looks GREAT! If you'd like to take a look at my church and what we're all about, head to, which went LIVE yesterday.

That's all I have. I will end this blog, and talk at y'all tomorrow. Remember, Courage + Belief = Life, and I love y'all,


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Following up on last night's post...A Blog by a Friend called "Where is the Love?"

The following was written by my friend Chris, aka Spoons, and is very telling about how he sees society today. I did not edit this in any way, I felt it best was left alone.

"So, i have realized it has been a while since i have posted on here, and after an incident today, i feel the need to make a post.
Let me paint a picture for ya, its 8:30 pm, its dark, and your friend just left your house to go home. Your friend happens to be wheel chair bound but is very independent and mobile. about half and hour later, you get a text. He is stuck in a ditch.
Well, coincidently, on valentines day, my buddy Jeremy (Germany) has swung by the house to hang out with emi and i a little longer. He was content with wheeling himself home from the house and took a route that had far fewer hills that oakbrook drive. FOr those who may not know where that is, or even live here, it is VERY hilly. At 9 pm i get a text saying he is stuck and that he needs help. Emi and i rush to him. When we get there i park in someones driveway and help him into the car. We give him a lift t he rest of the way home. On the way to his house we learn that he was going along and a car came around a blind turn. He had mere seconds to make a decision and his decision was to turn into a ditch to avoid being hit by a car. The drive of the car never noticed him. It was two people who were walking down the road who saw him and helped him out of the ditch. Now, he also informed us that several cars drove by. Here is where the title comes in, this ditch wasnt so low that you couldnt see him from the road, and he isnt exactly invisible but the ditch is noticibly steep, and obviously someone in a wheel chair would have trouble wheeling out. Why is it that several cars passed and didnt even consider stopping to help this poor man out of a ditch? why is it two people who were walking notice he was in the ditch and help him out? It makes me cringe to know that people now a days are so insensitive and so morally corrupt that no one in a car stopped to help him. I also feel slight disdain towards the driver who run him off the road. Even though he is in a wheel chair, he should have been clearly visible to him, and even after he went off the road, the truck just kept on going. What is this world coming to that people leave a man in a wheel chair in a ditch?
You know what people, i have a challenge for you, lets make this world a better place and HELP those who need HELP! if you see someone in a wheel chair, ask them if you can help them. If yo usee someone who has their hands full and look like they cant take much more, ask if you can help. Dont be abrasive about it, certainly be polite, but help those around you. Even something as small as opening a door for someone, or even smile at someone who looks depressed can go a very long way. So please, think about what could be going on in that persons mind and do something nice for other people."

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Very Scary Incident Tonight...

Tonight, I was on my way home from a couple of friends' house. I had everything well in hand...and then it all went to hell.

I had been riding along Beemon Lane in Florence, about to approach Cayton Drive. Now, this road has some sidewalk, but parts of it do not have one and anyone in a wheelchair is forced to ride either in the grass, or on the shoulder of the road. A car came around the turn at 45 miles per hour (legal speed is 35). He didn't see me...I saw him clearly. Suddenly, I had 30 seconds to make a critical, life-saving choice.

Was I going to jump to the right, and risk getting rear-ended, OR was I going to go to the left, and end up in the grass, and thus, in the ditch where the mud would stop my forward progress? If I ended up in the ditch, I would not be able to move. If I went to the right, as I said, I might get rear ended. If I did nothing...well, let's not think about that.

All this goes through my mind in 30 seconds or less, and I made my choice. I went for the ditch, and it was a lifesaving move because that car came within 5 feet, and he DID NOT STOP!

Now, however, I was faced with the unenviable task of getting out of this ditch. I didn't think I could pull it out myself. First, I texted Emily and Chris to tell them I was in the ditch. Eventually, someone came up and carried me and my chair up out of it...and then Chris and Emily pulled up to give me a ride home, because after that experience, I was, frankly, too shaken to be on the road by myself.

What came out of that, was that the bond between myself, Emily and Chris has become even stronger. It was strong before...but now, it's even better.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Quick Post...

I just want to a) wish everybody else a happy V-Day and b) let everyone know, I am going to be somewhat distant through Monday. Valentine's Day weekend for me is a double whammy because I lost my aunt 18 months ago, and then last year on the 15th of January, I lost the relationship with the only woman I'd ever stayed with for more than 3 months, because she cheated on me... So Valentine's Day is a very bitter time for me.

Thanks for understanding...

Courage + Belief = Life


Thursday, February 12, 2009

The February 11, 2009 Windstorm - MY Point of View!

Dear God, it was HELL on earth this afternoon around 5:30pm!

I headed toward downtown Cincinnati shortly after round one of two rounds of thunderstorms passed through the Florence area. Along the way, it was still very wet, raining, and just plain nasty. I made it to Cincinnati about 5:10pm and headed into TJ Maxx to buy myself a shirt to wear.

Well, I came out of TJ Maxx about 10 minutes later, and was rolling along 4th Street when the sirens started blaring. All over downtown, you could hear those suckers...I didn't see what the big deal was, I thought the storms were east or north of downtown, but just to be sure, I called Channel 12 (did not have a radio handy). As it turned out, a storm was coming straight out of Boone and Kenton Counties. And, it was headed right for downtown.

I ran quickly down to 2nd street, then over to the Taylor-Southgate Bridge, thinking I could outrun it. I did not realize, however, that storm motion was 70 MPH to the northeast! Big miscalculation.

I was on the bridge when that sucker hit. All at once, it was heavy rain, winds to 60 or 65 miles per hour that nearly sent me into the wall of the bridge's pedestrian sidewalk, and pea size hail. And then 4-5 minutes later, it was over. Just like that. I couldn't believe it.

I later (around 8:30pm) ran headlong into winds of about the same force, but dry wind this time as opposed to winds carrying hail and very heavy rain. And it was the same thing...I blew around more than the leaves on the trees!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Randomized Thoughts Pro Edition

In case you are wondering, I am using this title because the Pro Bowl was today. I won't spoil it for those who maybe Tivo'ed it, but suffice to say, my team didn't do so well. You'll know after ya watch.

On to the Randomized Thoughts...

-- It is very amazing how, after everything goes downhill for you for a bit, life turns around. It's a lesson I wish some of those no longer with us, would have learned. (For those who read my blogs in 2007, you know. For those just becoming part of my blog-o-sphere, I lost my aunt, Katherine Ludwick, on August 14, 2007 to a suicidal drug overdose.) That's been my experience once again this go around. After nearly 2 months down in the dumps, I finally am out of the slump! (Kinda rhymed there.) The old saying is is darkest before the dawn.

-- I am broadcasting every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 1-3pm EST on a station called M103 The Touch, out of the Tantra Fantasies lounge on Those of you who don't have and can't get (or don't wish to have) fubar accounts can listen at, by pasting that into windows media player or winamp. So that's new. (FYI I will ALSO be on the air this Monday AND Wednesday as well...Monday covering FOR Mikey and then Wednesday LIVE WITH Mikey, aka the K-I-D from the 5-1-3.)

-- Can ya see me, ho? (Mikey gets this reference...for those who don't, listen to Tupac - Picture Me Rollin' and you'll understand) Just sayin'...and NO not calling anyone a ho.

-- So, Chris Jericho of WWE fame was involved in an altercation with fans in British Columbia, Canada this weekend. My thought is this: he did the right thing by standing up for himself. No performer deserves to be spat at, punched, or otherwise assaulted unless they provoke you. Good for Jericho, even though he's what those of us wrestling fans call a "heel" or bad guy.

-- My friends are awesome...Just sayin' 2...

-- I hope to be able to watch Wrestlemania from Hooters in Florence this year. Either that, or maybe with friends somewhere else...

-- Finally, is it surprising to most of you that, when you least expect to run into somebody, you will and, when you're looking for the person, you won't see them? (Emi will get this...) And, do you all believe in fate? I do to an extent...and so do Emi and Mikey I know...but what about the rest of you?

That's it for the random thoughts! Enjoy your week,

Courage + Belief = LIFE

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Few Random Thoughts...Plus letting you know my radio status.

Before I hit the random thoughts part of this blog, I would like to make an announcement.

Starting this past Tuesday, I began broadcasting LIVE for M103, The Touch radio out of the Tantra Fantasies lounge on I am on the air on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons from 1-3pm Eastern Time, or 10am-12 noon Pacific Time. You can listen on Winamp or Windows Media Player by plugging the following into the Open URL option on the player (usually in the File Menu):

Now to the random thoughts:

-- Headaches suck. Muchly. I had a monster one earlier tonight, I could not function. I had had plans to head out to Florence Mall, but they didn't go because I couldn't...well, go. So, that has been bumped back to tomorrow.

-- We had 5" of snow yesterday from an Alberta Clipper. It was totally crazy! We weren't expecting that much. What happened, according to a meteorologist friend of mine at the local Fox station, is the clipper arrived later than forecast, the snow was heavier than forecast, and the snow was drier than forecast, which led to higher than forecast snow-to-liquid ratios.

-- What's a snow to liquid ratio? Generally, it's the amount of snow you will get out of 1" of liquid water. In this case, it looks like Cincinnati saw a snow-to-liquid ratio of 17 inches of snow to 1 inch of liquid water. That would have been interesting had we received one inch of liquid water. Now it's 7 degrees at my house...and 4 at the airport. Wow it's cold. On a related note, I should be dug out of my house by, let's say, Monday or Tuesday as temperatures surpass 50 degrees.

-- I am dealing with my personal issues. Slowly, but I'm dealing. I have kinda turned my mood around of late, so hopefully, this round of depression is on its way out. Let's hope...

That's all I have. Catch y'all on the flip side, and remember:

Courage + Belief = Life


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Random Supersize Thoughts

Greetings from the Northern Kentucky DJ who is presently enjoying a little personal time and who is trying to chillax...let's hit them random thoughts, and as my bro Mikey says "hit em hard and hit em fast":

-- I still have a few things on the ol' noggin. But as Mikey would also have me listen to the song "She Ain't Worth It", I'm just gonna go with that line of thinking. I've accepted that I'm not gonna be what I hoped for to Shelley, maybe ever. If it comes to pass, it does...if it don't, it don't.

-- I plan to be part of the same place where Mikey is broadcasting. It's all gonna come down to, do they want me? I think they will.

-- My life right now put it bluntly, somewhat cluttered with different things that are dragging me down. I need an escape hatch. Seriously.

-- Somehow, it's the little things you do for people that make all the difference. I didn't think that would happen, but when I gave out the Attitude and Gratitude awards, a funny thing happened on the way to Super Bowl Sunday...I turned Happy Wife's day completely 180, I think! YAY for happiness!

-- Super Bowl Prediction (as much as it pains this Cincinnati Bengals fan to admit it): Pittsburgh 35, Arizona 7...I hope I am wrong so I don't have to hear Mitchell rub it in my face...

That's the random bloggage! Laterz!

Courage + Belief = Life

I love y'all,