Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Time for Another Introduction :)

Well folks, my friend Chris aka Spoons has joined the blogosphere.

You can check out "The rants of a mad man"(WARNING: May contain some strong language, if offended easily don't click) here. Also, his "Observations of life through the eyes of Spoons" blog is here, and his "my writings" blog is here. Chris and I have been friends in real life for only a couple of weeks, but in that short amount of time, I've found out that he's a good man who cares about his friends, his family and his girlfriend...and the unborn baby he has on the way as well.

Drop by and welcome Spoons to the blog-o-sphere!

PS: He calls me's his nickname for me! I call him Spoons, he calls me's fair!

1 comment:

Spoons said...

Thank you Germany for such a very well written introduction. And fair warning on my rants page lol.