Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Note about Last Night's Blog.

I realize last night may be worse than any of you have EVER seen me. You've never seen the raw ball of emotion that I sometimes become when I am extremely upset.

For any offense I might have caused, I apologize.

Suz left a comment that was on the money. Here it is:

Jeremy, I just went back and read your last 5 or 6 posts. You have had a lot going on...and it seems to have caught up with you emotionally. Friends are not perfect. Really. Just like the rest of us, sometimes they are just in their own little world too....forgive them and you will feel better. OR move along to bigger and better things. Just don't let other people bring you down. K?
Take care-

I am moving along, and will move to better things, better times and greener pastures as far as friends are concerned. Last night, I cleared everybody who'd never spoken to me, or hadn't in 6 months, off my lists (excluding Blogger). I need to have friends who will support me...and those who are left on my various friends lists, have done just that.


Shellmo said...

I read the last post and I agree with Busy Bee. It sounds like you know who your quality friends are and that's who you should surround yourself with. I have found as I've gotten older - it's the QUALITY of friends you have - not the QUANTITY. You're a bright young man with the whole world ahead of you. Please take good care of yourself!

coltfan said...

you always find out who your true friends are when you are in trouble.Those who don't wanna help or listen are not friends in my book. Keep your chin up dude , You will be ok .