Sunday, February 8, 2009

Randomized Thoughts Pro Edition

In case you are wondering, I am using this title because the Pro Bowl was today. I won't spoil it for those who maybe Tivo'ed it, but suffice to say, my team didn't do so well. You'll know after ya watch.

On to the Randomized Thoughts...

-- It is very amazing how, after everything goes downhill for you for a bit, life turns around. It's a lesson I wish some of those no longer with us, would have learned. (For those who read my blogs in 2007, you know. For those just becoming part of my blog-o-sphere, I lost my aunt, Katherine Ludwick, on August 14, 2007 to a suicidal drug overdose.) That's been my experience once again this go around. After nearly 2 months down in the dumps, I finally am out of the slump! (Kinda rhymed there.) The old saying is is darkest before the dawn.

-- I am broadcasting every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 1-3pm EST on a station called M103 The Touch, out of the Tantra Fantasies lounge on Those of you who don't have and can't get (or don't wish to have) fubar accounts can listen at, by pasting that into windows media player or winamp. So that's new. (FYI I will ALSO be on the air this Monday AND Wednesday as well...Monday covering FOR Mikey and then Wednesday LIVE WITH Mikey, aka the K-I-D from the 5-1-3.)

-- Can ya see me, ho? (Mikey gets this reference...for those who don't, listen to Tupac - Picture Me Rollin' and you'll understand) Just sayin'...and NO not calling anyone a ho.

-- So, Chris Jericho of WWE fame was involved in an altercation with fans in British Columbia, Canada this weekend. My thought is this: he did the right thing by standing up for himself. No performer deserves to be spat at, punched, or otherwise assaulted unless they provoke you. Good for Jericho, even though he's what those of us wrestling fans call a "heel" or bad guy.

-- My friends are awesome...Just sayin' 2...

-- I hope to be able to watch Wrestlemania from Hooters in Florence this year. Either that, or maybe with friends somewhere else...

-- Finally, is it surprising to most of you that, when you least expect to run into somebody, you will and, when you're looking for the person, you won't see them? (Emi will get this...) And, do you all believe in fate? I do to an extent...and so do Emi and Mikey I know...but what about the rest of you?

That's it for the random thoughts! Enjoy your week,

Courage + Belief = LIFE


74WIXYgrad said...

Now that would be a good reason for me to go to Hooters-to watch Wrestlemania. And for the wings.

I don't think Mrs74 would let me.

coltfan said...

lmao At cliffs comment. good post jeremy

coltfan said...

I know this for a fact if a fan attacks a wrestler , They are owned . all bets are off the wrestler will kick ass and take names they almost have too for image and for the fact they are like actors.