Saturday, February 21, 2009

Had Another Award Bestowed on Me

Cliff gave me an Honest Scrap Award. This recognizes, well, honesty. This is what Cliff had to say:

Jeremy: A frequent visitor to many of these blogs. One who provides a service of reporting media news to those in the Greater Cincinnati area. One also devoted to his faith. Cliff Note: Go over and give Jeremy some encouragement as he's going through a very tough time.

So now I shall give this to the following:

Shellmo: For being one of the best Michigan people I know.
Chris, aka Spoons: Hasn't blogged very long on this site, but from his myspace blogs I will say first hand, he tells it how it is.
Randy: The name of his blog says it all..."The Way I See It".

OK now I'm supposed to give ten honest facts about myself. So here goes:

1) I can be a very impatient individual.
2) I am absolutely addicted to Mountain Dew.
3) I cannot handle spicy foods, because I get severe heartburn.
4) I was engaged at one point.
5) I love to take photos or videos of ANYTHING. (See previous post for proof.)
6) I do not weigh more than 118 pounds right now.
7) I never have been on an airplane, but I DID ride in a helicopter!
8) I sometimes wait to do things to the last minute.
9) I value my family and my closest friends more than life itself. If they were gonna be killed by some maniac with a gun, I'd jump in front of the bullet for them.
10) I came to know Jesus Christ as savior in 2000, just six months before having the first of several near-death experiences.


Shellmo said...

Thank you for thinking of me w/ this award! Liked reading these things about you - a helicopter ride sounds exciting! (Something my husband has always dreamed of!)

J. Moses(Tri-State Media Watch Editor) said...

Shellmo: Yes it was! It was over Branson, MO in 2005. I got to see Table Rock Lake, 76 Country Boulevard, and the entire city of Branson from the air :)

coltfan said...

Thanks jeremy for the award.