Sunday, February 22, 2009

Combining two myspace blogs into a single blogger blog.

So, let's hit a couple random thoughts right quick as I sit here at 2:15am:

-- Emi and Chris totally just own. I mean for real. Whenever I'm down, they've pulled me back up out of the abyss (or ditch, as the case was last weekend). I love them both, in different ways. These two just are awesome, they got me through last night in a huge way just showing the love and support that they do. I owe them both hugely. (Side note: Here's hoping the idea of a Monday hangout, actually comes to pass!)

-- My Blogger friends are cool, too. They were the ones who reminded me last night that I should "move on to bigger/better things." Or that they know how it is "to feel alone".

-- Have you noticed I do this blog in bulletpoint format lately? Much cleaner.

-- Mikey being ill sucks. Not necessarily because I'm spending more time on the air at m103. That part does not suck. The part that DOES suck, muchly, is that we had to postpone our monthly meeting of the Redneck Brother DJ's! And that had been postponed two or three times before that, after a) I got injured, and then b) his family got sick. Oh and let us not forget the all important factor c) the weather flat SUCKED the second time we tried it, resulting in J being stuck home for 5 days.(Side note number 2: That meeting is DEFINITELY happening THIS FRIDAY. We aren't gonna let it get sidetracked!)

-- A shuffle blog IS coming soon...maybe end of this week or next weekend. Thinking about Saturday morning. (We'll go back to the old style for that one.)

-- Final thought for the random part of this: Snow, when it is NOT sticking to roads and sidewalks totally owns all over me in February! Or any other time of winter, for that matter.

Now for a part of this blog with a purpose.

Back on January 7, I was in the fourth day of a diary blog on Myspace. But that diary blog got sidetracked when my computer acted up. Here's what I wrote that day:

Wed. Jan 7

10:50am: Won't be much to update today. Look at the
date, and, for those who were there at that time in my life, think back
two years. That's all I'll say. For those who haven't known me,
there'll be a post tomorrow about it (separate from the diary blog).

Here is that post.

It's been two years since Grandpa Mose died. He passed on 1/7/2007. That day never had a negative connotation to it before. Now it's forever etched in my memory, along with 3 other dates:


For those wondering, those are the dates that I know that my aunt Kathy, grandpa Mitch, and grandma Maxine died.

I still try to remember the good times that we had...but the way I found out about all but Grandpa Mitch dying was kinda detached. For Grandpa Mitch, I was there. I watched him lose his battle to stay alive. As for the others...I was not there.

I don't really have any pictures with me that I can share at the moment. Probably, sometime in the next week or two I'm gonna see if I can't get pictures of papa Mose and post them...he might not have seen me much, but at least he saw me grow up and reach the age of 21 before he died.

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Spoons said...

You know emi and i are here for you when you need anything man, we are wiling to help the best we can any given day man, dont ever forget that.