Thursday, February 26, 2009

When You Learn to Fall

For a few days, I've been struggling to come up with some new poetry work from my brain. I did promise last week that there would be new stuff, so, here's what popped off the top of my head a few minutes ago.(NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: For those wondering, while some people find it best to brainstorm their poetry, I believe that my best work has always come on the fly, with little or no thought put into it well ahead of time...which gives me room to envision where I am going. If I think too hard too soon, the stuff I write seems forced, and doesn't really feel like it's from the heart.)

This is called "When You Learn to Fall".

When You Learn to Fall

There's times when life lifts you up
And lets you see the sun
But then there's moments when you fall
And all you see is black

I have experienced plenty in my years
There's things these eyes have seen
Things that no set of eyes ever should see
But they happened, and happened to me

I will never forget all those weeks ago
When the one I loved, turned on me
What she taught me that early December day
Is never to trust too easily

But there is a lesson no one else can teach
And that I must learn on my very own
And that's that even as you learn to climb
That you also need to learn to fall

Written by Jeremy Shird Moses
5:25 AM 2/26/2009

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Michelle Dawn said...

awesome poem. Thanks for the songs.