Sunday, February 1, 2009

Random Supersize Thoughts

Greetings from the Northern Kentucky DJ who is presently enjoying a little personal time and who is trying to chillax...let's hit them random thoughts, and as my bro Mikey says "hit em hard and hit em fast":

-- I still have a few things on the ol' noggin. But as Mikey would also have me listen to the song "She Ain't Worth It", I'm just gonna go with that line of thinking. I've accepted that I'm not gonna be what I hoped for to Shelley, maybe ever. If it comes to pass, it does...if it don't, it don't.

-- I plan to be part of the same place where Mikey is broadcasting. It's all gonna come down to, do they want me? I think they will.

-- My life right now put it bluntly, somewhat cluttered with different things that are dragging me down. I need an escape hatch. Seriously.

-- Somehow, it's the little things you do for people that make all the difference. I didn't think that would happen, but when I gave out the Attitude and Gratitude awards, a funny thing happened on the way to Super Bowl Sunday...I turned Happy Wife's day completely 180, I think! YAY for happiness!

-- Super Bowl Prediction (as much as it pains this Cincinnati Bengals fan to admit it): Pittsburgh 35, Arizona 7...I hope I am wrong so I don't have to hear Mitchell rub it in my face...

That's the random bloggage! Laterz!

Courage + Belief = Life

I love y'all,


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