Thursday, February 5, 2009

Few Random Thoughts...Plus letting you know my radio status.

Before I hit the random thoughts part of this blog, I would like to make an announcement.

Starting this past Tuesday, I began broadcasting LIVE for M103, The Touch radio out of the Tantra Fantasies lounge on I am on the air on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons from 1-3pm Eastern Time, or 10am-12 noon Pacific Time. You can listen on Winamp or Windows Media Player by plugging the following into the Open URL option on the player (usually in the File Menu):

Now to the random thoughts:

-- Headaches suck. Muchly. I had a monster one earlier tonight, I could not function. I had had plans to head out to Florence Mall, but they didn't go because I couldn't...well, go. So, that has been bumped back to tomorrow.

-- We had 5" of snow yesterday from an Alberta Clipper. It was totally crazy! We weren't expecting that much. What happened, according to a meteorologist friend of mine at the local Fox station, is the clipper arrived later than forecast, the snow was heavier than forecast, and the snow was drier than forecast, which led to higher than forecast snow-to-liquid ratios.

-- What's a snow to liquid ratio? Generally, it's the amount of snow you will get out of 1" of liquid water. In this case, it looks like Cincinnati saw a snow-to-liquid ratio of 17 inches of snow to 1 inch of liquid water. That would have been interesting had we received one inch of liquid water. Now it's 7 degrees at my house...and 4 at the airport. Wow it's cold. On a related note, I should be dug out of my house by, let's say, Monday or Tuesday as temperatures surpass 50 degrees.

-- I am dealing with my personal issues. Slowly, but I'm dealing. I have kinda turned my mood around of late, so hopefully, this round of depression is on its way out. Let's hope...

That's all I have. Catch y'all on the flip side, and remember:

Courage + Belief = Life


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74WIXYgrad said...

Well now, I will try to listen this coming Saturday.

Now if you lived closer, I could bring down my kinky shovel and maybe help dig you out.