Sunday, February 15, 2009

Following up on last night's post...A Blog by a Friend called "Where is the Love?"

The following was written by my friend Chris, aka Spoons, and is very telling about how he sees society today. I did not edit this in any way, I felt it best was left alone.

"So, i have realized it has been a while since i have posted on here, and after an incident today, i feel the need to make a post.
Let me paint a picture for ya, its 8:30 pm, its dark, and your friend just left your house to go home. Your friend happens to be wheel chair bound but is very independent and mobile. about half and hour later, you get a text. He is stuck in a ditch.
Well, coincidently, on valentines day, my buddy Jeremy (Germany) has swung by the house to hang out with emi and i a little longer. He was content with wheeling himself home from the house and took a route that had far fewer hills that oakbrook drive. FOr those who may not know where that is, or even live here, it is VERY hilly. At 9 pm i get a text saying he is stuck and that he needs help. Emi and i rush to him. When we get there i park in someones driveway and help him into the car. We give him a lift t he rest of the way home. On the way to his house we learn that he was going along and a car came around a blind turn. He had mere seconds to make a decision and his decision was to turn into a ditch to avoid being hit by a car. The drive of the car never noticed him. It was two people who were walking down the road who saw him and helped him out of the ditch. Now, he also informed us that several cars drove by. Here is where the title comes in, this ditch wasnt so low that you couldnt see him from the road, and he isnt exactly invisible but the ditch is noticibly steep, and obviously someone in a wheel chair would have trouble wheeling out. Why is it that several cars passed and didnt even consider stopping to help this poor man out of a ditch? why is it two people who were walking notice he was in the ditch and help him out? It makes me cringe to know that people now a days are so insensitive and so morally corrupt that no one in a car stopped to help him. I also feel slight disdain towards the driver who run him off the road. Even though he is in a wheel chair, he should have been clearly visible to him, and even after he went off the road, the truck just kept on going. What is this world coming to that people leave a man in a wheel chair in a ditch?
You know what people, i have a challenge for you, lets make this world a better place and HELP those who need HELP! if you see someone in a wheel chair, ask them if you can help them. If yo usee someone who has their hands full and look like they cant take much more, ask if you can help. Dont be abrasive about it, certainly be polite, but help those around you. Even something as small as opening a door for someone, or even smile at someone who looks depressed can go a very long way. So please, think about what could be going on in that persons mind and do something nice for other people."


coltfan said...

glad you are ok.

Michelle Dawn said...

Glad your okay and I totally agree. People just amaze me sometimes by how rude and cruel they can be. It doesn't take much effort to be polite and just smile but for people to see you in a ditch and not help that is just plain rude and wrong. if it were randy & I we would have helped.