Friday, September 2, 2011

Haven't blogged in awhile.

Has it really been that long since I blogged last on here? Wow, I'm a bad blogger haha :)

So, let's catch you all up. I turned 26 on August 19th. It was a great weekend, with fun, family and friends, not necessarily in this order. I even tried my first beer. You see, I'd honestly never drank before. It was just not exactly appealing to me. After one Coors Light, I was done. No more for a year for me. Not till I turn 27, anyway.

I went to Los Angeles, California June 26-29 for the annual Spina Bifida Association conference. Actually, it was Anaheim, but close enough. (Right?) While there, I did not have the fortune to experience a good old California temblor, but little did I know that just last week, Cincinnati would be rocked by a 5.8 quake that hit Virginia! THAT was interesting. And I found out that I hate standby flying. I will NEVER do that again. 12 hours in the terminal at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport just killed my back the day I flew out, and I never fully recovered the rest of that week! I loved L.A., though and if I had a chance, I'd probably move there, if I could get past mentally adjusting to earthquakes! HA!

Other than that, I really have not done much since January, when a personal situation set in motion a series of events that still affect me today, even though the original situation is now over. (Long, run-on sentence, I know.)

Oh, one more HUGE piece of news. In February, I found out I would be an uncle once again. Shaelynn Marie Robbins will be welcomed into the world by my sister, Truly Moses and her boyfriend, Nick Robbins on Tuesday morning! I'll see if I can get a picture up here on the blog Wednesday night, but no promises.

Okay, I think this catches everybody up. I'll check back Tuesday or Wednesday. Happy Labor Day to everyone in the good old United States of America!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Temporary change

Until twitter gets things together with regards to the apparent spam attacks, I am protecting my tweets. In order to prevent this from wreaking havoc on the blog page, I am removing the normal twitter widget from the blog. I apologize for the minor inconvenience.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Returning to the Blogger Blog-o-sphere

I have returned to Blogger, but with a few things having changed:

1) Some of you may notice that I'm no longer associated, at least as a writer, with Tri-State Media Watch. Due to circumstances that occurred in late January that I have been advised NOT to discuss publicly, I've handed that over to Cindy Detro, a friend of mine from Circleville, Ohio and her boyfriend Jerry Jicha. And it's been moved to the Wordpress platform, which works better for them. (Both Cindy and Jerry are blind, and use screen reader software to do just about anything on a computer.)

2) Slightly related: If I was following you via the FORMER TSMW profile, and I don't follow you on this one, please let me know. (I know of a few of you since you're linked at right and after this post I'll be re-following.)

3) My YouTube posts will return soon, and I may post them here as well.

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