Friday, September 25, 2009

Staffmark Downtown HQ Blows Me AWAY!!!!

Without being able to give a final total, I will go ahead and put over the folks at Staffmark, 435 Elm Street, Downtown Cincinnati.

People all over the building, spurred on by my mother, Tereasa Herald, as well as whatever knowledge they have about me, have come up HUGE for Spina Bifida Association of Cincinnati! I will have a final total Sunday for our team.

I was simply blown completely away. As noted before, Staffmark personnel had raised $665 between donations to my mother and to myself IN THREE DAYS. We not only doubled the $690 we had raised before today... but have tripled, and QUADRUPLED IT at least with a couple more hours left in the workday to collect!

This is HUGE for Spina Bifida Association of Cincinnati! Staffmark has blown my expectations of a low fundraising event completely out of the water, almost doubling our team goal!

So, to everyone at Staffmark, especially the second, third, sixth and eighth floors, I say THANK YOU ALL.

Courage + Belief = LIFE


Pat Jenkins said...

good for you guys j mo, but i thought i would get a friday freestyle thank you!!

J. Moses(Tri-State Media Watch Editor) said...

Pat, I'll be back to a weekly Friday Freestyle on...well, Friday. I didn't get to do one last week because I was running all over the place for TSMW, plus I went to the aforementioned Staffmark HQ.

By the way, the building is the CORPORATE Headquarters. It's not regional corporate, but nationwide corporate. Any business Staffmark does with employees, goes through the Cincinnati office.