Monday, January 4, 2010

I Received a 2009 Top Banana!

Cliff has graciously awarded me my second Top Banana! Here's what Cliff has to say about me...

Now I have to head south and cross the Ohio River and give the I'm Blogging on the Web Near Cincinnati Top Banana. This one goes to Jeremy of Personal Thoughts/Observations fame. Jeremy is a good prayer partner and a fellow media geek. He has had his share of challenges, but faces them with a healthy attitude.

The Top Banana Awards are designed to do two things:

A) Show Cliff's appreciation for the friendship his blogging friends provide, and
B) Introduce the bloggers to new friends.

So, with that, I accept the award and encourage you folks to visit Cliff, and see the other awards he's given out to other bloggers!

Courage + Belief = LIFE

1 comment:

Michelle Dawn said...

Congradulations on the Top Banana Award. You are deserving of that title. Happy Belated New Year!