Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So, the YouTube Re-Do

UPDATE Within the Update: I went and looked at what I'm using now. It turns out, no wonder my playback sucks... I'm using ONLY 64 MB of video memory. YIKES. In today's world, obviously, that's unacceptable. So, next week, it's Micro Center for me - and a new Video Card along with 512 MB of RAM.

If you recall, a few weeks back I announced the re-launch of my YouTube channel. An update on that...

It has gone okay. Not great, but okay. Eventually I plan to try to make a little bit of cash off of it...but for now, I'm content limiting it to just a few friends.

But there's been two or three snags.

The first problem is, I'm having issues with my Flip Ultra camera. If you happen to have me as a facebook friend, you know that last Thursday, I turned it on to find pixelation and a green screen. Luckily for me, it's under warranty from the manufacturer, and I am going to be allowed to send it to them for a replacement, as it appears now.

The second problem is, my computer simply is not powerful enough to render High Definition quickly (as in, taking less than 12 hours!). That problem, I plan to partially solve sometime this week. The plan is to get myself some more RAM, raising the RAM I have on the current setup to about a gigabyte. Maybe 2 GB will be in the future, and along with that will be (probably for Christmas) a new video card. But for now, I'll stop at a GB and see where that gets me.

Bottom line, until the new Flip Ultra arrives, there's no way I can do new content. Maybe "WWYT" but not "Adventures of J Mo", production of which has to be suspended until I HAVE that Flip Ultra. :( So, the next "WWYT" MAY arrive Friday morning - but no "Adventures" until at earliest next week.

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