Monday, December 15, 2008

Watching the Snow Threaten (for the 432431464245276854921st time)...Weekend thoughts...Responses to C+B=L...

Well, here we are...a Monday early morning, and we're watching snow threaten for what seems like the 432,431,464,245,276,854,921st time(exaggeration lol) this winter...but a few random weekend-induced thoughts are in order, along with your responses to the "Courage plus Belief = Life" thing...

Random Thoughts:

-- Does it ever occur to you all that sometimes there are just things that have to be done in life, even when you don't want to?

-- Last weekend, it was 20 and snowy. This weekend, 40 and sunny. Which is better? I'll take 40 and sunny anyday...but, I would take 70 and sunny over 40 anyday, too.

-- I recently read a story about a local pastor who holds "Blue Christmas" services for those who might be hurting emotionally this season. I think that's a great idea. Being sad around the holidays isn't fun, I have experienced it firsthand.

Courage Plus Belief = Inspiring Thought?: Some of you responded to my recent Courage Plus Belief = Life Blog. I wanted to share some of the thoughts that were scattered from the blogosphere, to a couple of message boards I post to.

Those who replied to my blog wrote that they "love the quote" and "I'll have to remember that" (Michelle Dawn), and that it was "An inspirational quote"(Shellmo). 74WIXYgrad simply said "I like that." Needless to say, it appears to be popular with my current reader base. I'll review it every six months or so for any new readers' benefit.

A few thoughts outside the blogosphere:

Ronna from Sharonville, OH on wrote: "That is a great saying, Jeremy! Reminds me of a line from the movie Strictly Ballroom (of all things)...'A life lived in fear is a life half lived.'"[author's note: parenthetical emphasis hers, not mine]

From Theextremeone of Green Twp., Ohio on "I think that is great Jeremy. those few words mean a lot to so many people, especially people at the Shriners Burn Institute." So true...

Eric, of Raleigh, NC, writes on Absolute Vorticity: "Very inspirational, Jeremy!"

Aaron, of Fairfield, Ohio, on Absolute Vorticity: "That is an awesome story, and an incredibly true saying. If you have no courage or do what you want, your life has no meaning of life. I think he may have finally found the trivial meaning of life."

Oh and Kathryn from Austin, Texas writes on my facebook page: "That is awesome! It's always neat to know where sayings come from, and this is certainly no different!!"

There ya have it...

Winter About to Smack Us: Right now, it would appear that we are about to get slapped with a cold dose of reality after a day of 50 plus degree weather.

All the latest computer forecast models put out at least 2 inches of snow for our area right now beginning tonight and going through Tuesday.

Global Forecast System model looks underdone on amounts, and North American Model looks a tad too far north. Taking a blend of the two, I think at least 3, and possibly 6 inches of snow is likely from Cincinnati south and east. South of that, areas of southern KY could get significant ice. We're waiting on NWS Wilmington, Ohio to issue advisories or a watch or warning this morning...expecting it by 5am. I'll follow this on this blog, with a dedicated storm blog beginning this afternoon or evening.

For tonight, this is Jeremy, reminding y'all that Courage + Belief = Life...


74WIXYgrad said...

I hope you realize that you have to now provide weather reports for the following areas;

Dearborn, MI
Gaylord, MI
Terre Haute, IN
Atlanta, GA
and Akron, Ohio

To keep all your friends informed. And the list will grow, I'm sure.

Shellmo said...

Wixy beat me to the punch! ha,ha! I'm looking for a better "weather widget" than the one I have on my blog right now. I think it must be a sign of aging - I don't think I became interested in weather until I hit my later 30's!

coltfan said...

I hate winter . It sucks