Saturday, December 13, 2008

What it means to be me...

Why Negativity Is Bad

I have been asked why I am so positive. Why and how do I manage to keep negativity from overrunning my life? After all, if anyone should be bitter or negative, it's me, right?

Not so fast.

I don't like negativity. Sure, I have bad days (honestly, who doesn't?). And sure, you could say I earn that right to be negative when you look at my situation. But, I don't like to keep negativity in my life. It doesn't get me anywhere. It only harms me, and those around me. It's like a pair of pants that doesn't fit can only hurt.

I'd rather be positive. I'd rather be an encouragement to those around me. I'd rather be the kind of individual who people look at and say "Wow, I wish I could be as positive as he is."

Just a thought.

This is Jeremy, reminding y'all that "Courage + Belief = Life."

Have a great second half of the weekend!

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