Monday, January 5, 2009


It is looking like a very interesting day tomorrow across parts of the midwest.

For those in MI, this storm will miss northern Michigan, but for southeast Michigan, including Detroit, as well as much of Indiana and all of Northern Ohio, this will be a wintry event entirely. Up to 4 inches of snow could fall by the time all is said and done Thursday and, on the southern periphery, light icing.

For those in the Ohio Valley south of but north of I-64, there will be wintry precipitation, transitioning to all rain then back to snow. There are winter weather advisories posted from Terre Haute, Indiana to Columbus, Ohio to Pittsburgh, PA.

From I-64 southward and I-65 eastward in eastern and southern Kentucky, it will be all rain. Eastern KY/TN/N GA all have flood watches posted for parts of Tuesday.

Stay tuned, we'll follow it here and if there's any critical information, you'll find out here.

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Shellmo said...

Jeremy - this was good to know! I was thinking about heading up to the cabin on Wednesday to check on it and then we were debating to wait till Sunday. Looks like I'll get hit downstate!