Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Freestyle 12 - October 2, 2009

Here we go y'all it's time for anotha Freestyle
I looked for ideas, and these came to my mind
Have some things I want to say, people I wanna thank
So yo, here we go it's time to roll

First thing's first I wanna thank Sheena
She's been there for me for a while now
Over a month, we still going strong
I love you babe, I hope that you know this

Had to go pay the phone bill today
That was a pain in the you know what
But yo, if I don't pay y'all I can't play
I found I can tweet from the web on that thing
It's so cool I think it rules

I saw LoyalBelieve with a tweet about a cupcake
That might not interest most but hey, what can I say
I told her she should worship it then eat
But y'all, you know I'm just playin cause there's only one God
I believe in and it's not some thing ya bake

Did a couple walks in the last two weeks
They were both for good causes, I am proud to say
1500 for one, 2 grand for another
That's a big accomplishment I have to admit

Alright you guys it's time for me to cruise
Because I got some stuff to do like WOW and WWE
I'll see ya in 7 days til then stay blessed
Forget the stress and just stay chill, y'all
I'm out

Courage + Belief = LIFE

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Mike Golch said...

good posting,see ya when I see ya!