Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Day In the Life.

Well, seeing as I mentioned that I was out last's what I did. I won't go hour-by-hour, but I'll give you the gist of it.

My day started early (around 8:00). I began this blog after getting my shower(I don't feel right without it). Then I had to do my on-air shift. My computer began to lag a bit around 1 something. I was SUPPOSED to be off air at noon, but it dragged, and when my computer began to lag, I handed off to another DJ, and left shortly after.

I came to the library, and went to sit with Doris for a bit. I found out that she had to go to her sister's house for dinner with them...and soon found out that she was trying to set it up so I could go along. After swinging back home to grab some stuff, I ran back here(in case you're wondering, the library is where I am as I write this blog), waiting for her dad to come get her/us. It had apparently been agreed that I was going, so we headed over to Dayton.

Once there, I sat there and talked to her family, and then...Doris had to go to the store down the hill from the house.

"Wait...down the hill? Yikes," you must be thinking.

You're right.

I always disliked steep hills for one reason...if my brakes fail, what awaits me? In Dayton, that question is answered by a street, a pair of railroad tracks crossing said street, then a flat stretch of road before you then run headon between a row of houses. And if THAT doesn't scare you enough, if you don't stop there, you also have a couple of steps to deal with before you finally run into a fence.

Thank God, my brakes did not fail.

We went to the store, got what was needed (in this case, five cans of tomato paste), then went back up the hill. Along the way, Doris fell and twisted her ankle. But we finally made it.

When we got back, we sat down and a bunch of us played dice before supper. After supper, we all just chilled some more (I don't think we ever finished the game), and then that was pretty much it for me...I fell asleep and slept off and on until we left around 11:30, got home at midnight and crashed in bed.

So there ya are. That's a day in the life of Jeremy(aka Your Tri-State Media Watcher - cheap plug for my other blog).


Shellmo said...

Now is Doris your girlfriend? You did more on this day than i did today!

Tri-State Media Watch said...

For anyone else who reads this...this is my Saturday (Nov. 22)...normal Saturdays, we don't go to Dayton, we usually go to Florence Mall and hang out there.