Saturday, November 22, 2008

First Thoughts on Waking Up - 11/22/08

Random thoughts from a DJ who has just 30 minutes before an on-air shift, and who's looking forward to seeing his girlfriend later today...

-- It looks so nice outside this morning. But, I didn't let those looks deceive me. It is COLD...butt cold out. As of this writing, 14 at the airport four miles away...10 near where my dad lives in Hamilton, Ohio, and elsewhere sitting between 15 and 20 degrees. BRRRRR...

-- I really think sometimes, people need to realize that the things they say, do hurt. Case in point, my Christian friend Natalie Simpson had someone tell her, upon revealing that she voted for Obama, that they now see her as "pro-choice, pro-abortion", when the opposite is true. (FULL DISCLOSURE on two counts: One, I am a Born-Again Christian myself; Two, I am a registered Democrat but vote with my heart - if I see a Republican I like, I'll vote for them. If I see a Dem candidate I don't like, I'll pull for the Republican.) Folks, we base our electoral decisions on single issues WAY too much. Abortion happens to be that issue in this situation. And I think it's sad that someone she looked up to, could turn around and say something like that because she voted Democratic.

-- Does anybody else think OCTOBER was too early to drag out the Christmas stuff at the retailers such as Sears, K-Mart, etc.? I sure do. If they had been waiting til this week, I'd be a little more excited about it being out there right now. But they dragged it out before Halloween candy even found its way into the baskets of American kids...or before our elections were even decided, and expected me to still be pumped about Christmas by Thanksgiving? No.

Now granted, I'll probably be psyched all over again on 12/1 when I do my holiday gift shopping...but until then, I'm already fatigued of Christmas!

Those are just a few of the random things in my head. Come back tomorrow afternoon for much, MUCH more!


HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Agree with you completely on the political issue. I am a committed Christian, but I voted for Obama - I thought he was the better option. I am an "independent" voter and vote for the PERSON rather than the PARTY.

I am also strongly pro-life, and that was the one issue that really caused me to hesitate voting for Obama.... however, I had to look at ALL the issues... and who I felt would be the best president (in my opinion) for our country over the next 4 years.

Tell your friend not to let what people say get to her. She knows what is in her heart, and what her beliefs are.

And YES it's cold even here in Atlanta - it's was 18 when I woke up this morning! Cold everywhere!!

74WIXYgrad said...

Jeremy, I see you were infected by the blogging bug, and I'm glad you decided to have a general info blog. My first audience were those I posted along side of on Radio-info and other sites. Word of mouth and wandering around the blogosphere got me involved with those I blog with now.

My other two blogs are Seek Him first, which deal specifically with faith issues, and Whattville is on the Other Side of the Tracks, a poetry blog.

And though I voted for McCain, I feel what Christians need to do now is pray for those who take office. I voted for Jesus Christ to be my personal savior over 28years ago. that was the most important choice I ever made.

And now I have an announcement to make on my blog. Cliff Note: I take care of my friends.