Thursday, November 27, 2008

A few Thanksgiving notes...

Just gonna drop a few thoughts on you, with Thanksgiving Day underway in the east and 3 hours away on the west coast...

-- I hate when people around me break down and cry. See, my hope had been to try and get a little housecleaning/straightening done today. And I got some done. But...about 5:30pm, I got a message from Doris, saying she needed to talk...she was in breakdown mode. Here's a little tip for all y'all who know me: I prefer visual and physical contact, to that established via the internet if the person lives within a short distance. Meaning, within 10 miles of here. Doris lives 4 miles away but was at the Boone Co. Library in Florence, 1 mile south. So...yours truly took the 1 mile sprint to the library in about 16 minutes. (EDITOR'S NOTE: To figure out how long it would take me to walk somewhere, simply take the amount of time it takes to drive there, and then multiply by 4.) And you should see how quickly I left. I left so fast, I didn't take my cell phone, or my bag, or nothing else. Just myself, a jacket, and the clothes that were on my back.

-- I do not mind at all being there for people. I really don't. It's just that it throws everything else into total chaos. (ADDENDUM 5:16PM: I don't mean for this to sound as though I am complaining. In fact, if I had Wednesday to do over again, I would in a heartbeat.)

-- I LOVE Thanksgiving and Turkey! Just seriously, yours truly plans to pig out, eat a lot, and just chill with family and friends. Which leads to my final point.

-- I won't be blogging until late tomorrow, if I do tomorrow at all. Tri-State Media Watch will be shut down for the day...that will allow me to spend the time with my family. I love my blogging friends, and I hope your Thanksgiving Holiday is blessed.

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