Monday, November 24, 2008

One more thought about hills...

I talked a few hours ago about hills and what happens if my brakes fail. I happened to mention Dayton, KY has one where if you don't hit the brakes, then what awaits is:

"...a street, a pair of railroad tracks crossing said street, then a flat stretch of road before you then run headon between a row of houses. And if THAT doesn't scare you enough, if you don't stop there, you also have a couple of steps to deal with before you finally run into a fence."

I forgot one thing about this hill.

If you don't stop at the fence...six blocks north is the OHIO RIVER! If you're going fast enough to break THROUGH the fence, you're up the creek and it's about to throw you in the river! (BAD PUN)

Sorry, the thought popped in my head, and after all, this IS my thoughts blog!

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74WIXYgrad said...

My thought on this is you must have some good upper body strength to be able to control your wheelchair going downhill. Of course I assume you do not have a powered chair.