Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thoughts after stuffing myself with turkey for two days!

Greetings from the Northern Kentucky DJ who has stuffed himself with turkey, stuffing and potatoes and who does NOT have a regular on-air shift on Saturday! Let us get to the bloggage without further ado:

-- I have always wondered why it is that sometimes, the best meals are the meals that wind up making us have to undo a button or two? LOL...I ate too much, and my stomach has paid for it. I am at about 118 pounds, this may put another pound or two on me!

-- I never thought I would say this, but, I can't WAIT for the first snow of 2008! I want snow so I can get a picture of me and Doris in it...and it looks like I will get some beginning Sunday night.

-- I think my past is better left there than brought back time and time again. What brings this topic of discussion up? Several family members bringing up the subject of my ex-fiancee. I won't talk about it right now, that will just bring back the bad memories. Maybe sometime soon, when I feel like it's all safely in the past and won't hurt me anymore, I will do a blog about just that one subject.

That's it for another edition...I will catch everyone Saturday night sometime late, prob. after 12 midnight.

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