Wednesday, August 19, 2009

24 Today! it really August 19th? Am I really celebrating another birthday??

You'll forgive me if this is a little hard for me to believe, I am sure.

There are a few days that doctors thought would be my last day on earth...and yet, I am still alive. I'm still living, still breathing...still kicking (but not literally).

Heck, there have been days I thought I was gonna die...but I'm still living.

Now, at year 24... does this year feel different from years past? In some ways yes.

For one, year 23 in life was actually fairly decent to me medically. I didn't have anything major that put me into an inpatient stay in the hospital. Any time that that happens, it's always a good thing.

For two, for the most part, I've kept those in my life who were worth keeping. You, my blogger friends, are worth keeping. I wouldn't be doing this this morning if I didn't have the readers.

But in other ways...this isn't much different. But those are small potato kind of things, really.

I'm still disabled. I'm still in the wheelchair. But you know what? I've learned to accept it. I'm dealing with it. I don't get depressed over it.

I have my down days, yes. But...they're fewer.

I still have the core group of friends I KNOW I can count on. There's more of them though.

So...maybe beginning year 24 isn't much of the same thing, after all. Every year is a new beginning. And I think it's great.

Courage + Belief = LIFE


74WIXYgrad said...

Almost late, but Happy Birthday!

Mike Golch said...

Just stopped by to say Happy Birthday.I almost blew it as well.

Pat Jenkins said...

happy 24 j mo!! you have shown you are SPECIAL!! and here is to 24 more!!