Sunday, August 2, 2009

Needing Help with Fundraising Efforts!

As posted on Friday, I will be participating in the 2009 Walk To Cure Diabetes in Newport, Kentucky.

Another effort I am proud to participate in, happens to fall one week later. (An aside: Sometimes maybe organizations need to consult with one another on they don't fall one week apart like this. Heh. Just kidding, I support both.) That's the 2009 Spina Bifida Association of Cincinnati's Walk and Roll.

Links to BOTH fundraising pages are at the right side. The JDRF Walk page will stay up through September 21 (or as long as it still exists on their servers, whichever happens first) and the SBAC Walk page will be up through September 28 (or again, as long as the page is still there, whichever happens first.)

I would appreciate even a small donation to one or both efforts. My personal goals are to raise $100 for the JDRF walk, and $300 for the SBAC walk. (If one or both goals are blown out of the water...I'll just raise the bar until the end date, as high as needed. I'd love to blow them both out.)

Courage + Belief = LIFE

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