Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Personal Health Plan for Year 24

OK, I'm sitting here and I'm reading a blog from WKRQ afternoon DJ Brian Douglas. This blog is his blog about his weight watchers experience, he lost over 125 pounds in the space of a year.

Now, I do not need to lose weight lol. Far from that...I actually think I'm at a healthy point in my life and government guidelines do suggest that with my height of 5'6" I should weigh somewhere between 118 and 148 pounds for a healthy BMI number. At last check I weighed 120. Good place to be.

Now comes the difficult part...MAINTAINING that. Look, I don't eat exactly healthy. I have this habit of caffeine addiction. Yes I said addiction. I have to have my Mountain Dew every day or one or both of these two things happen:

1) I drag through my day, feeling groggy and sleepy and/or,

2) I get severe headaches.

I basically wind up having 6 cans of Mountain Dew PER DAY, or 2 liters. After adding up the caffeine content of said amount of cans I was astonished to learn I have been putting basically 310 milligrams of caffeine into my body PER DAY. I gotta cut back on that at least a bit. Maybe down to 200 or less.

So my health plan is basically as follows (and given that I stayed out of the hospital for a long-term stay this year I'm off to a good start):

1) Cut down or out on caffeine. How can I do it without enduring the headaches that always, and I mean ALWAYS, follow?? I did well for a month last year, fell off that wagon and haven't gotten back on but, after Friday I'm going to try very hard to do this.
2) Eat healthier. Meaning a few more fruits and veggies.
3) Exercise. I'm off to a great start... I do get an hour plus of good cardio in at least 4x/week, walking to and from Florence Mall and around inside the mall.
4) SLEEP! This means sleeping 6-8 hours per day. I'm not doing well with this one, in fact to be blunt it is an out-and-out struggle. Like one day I will stay up all night or get maybe 2 hours of sleep, then the next night because I denied myself sleep the night before, I sleep 12 hours. That see-saw isn't healthy...

This is my resolution for year 24 of life, as I try to reach a quarter-century of life in 2010...yes I realize I haven't really begun to celebrate my 24th yet, but my goal is to still be healthy this time next year...

Courage + Belief = LIFE

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Pat Jenkins said...

j mo sometimes it is best we follow our own path when it comes to our own health.