Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Reviewing TNA's Hard Justice Pay-Per-View

So, yesterday was spent hanging out with Mikey, aka thenotoriouskid on twitter. We watched the Total Nonstop Action Wrestling pay-per-view known as Hard Justice. These are my thoughts on it.

-- The Steel Asylum X-Division match was OFF THE HOOK. Daniels won which I can agree with. He now moves to a feud with Samoa Joe (more on this a little later). Those were some SICK spots including a hurracanrana-style DDT by Amazing Red on Consequences Creed!

-- The Abyss/Jethro Holliday match over the $50,000 bounty was fine for what it was...which was a hardcore match. Holliday turns face with his attack on Stevie which I'm happy with. Maybe they do Jethro and Abyss as a tag team.

-- Hernandez beat Rob Terry to get his briefcase back. If they have him cash in his title shot at or before No Surrender on pay-per-view, I'll be pleased. (More on this later, too.)

-- The British Invasion tag team went through Beer Money like a steamroller through cardboard. That's all I can say here. The World Elite faction didn't look horrible here.

-- ODB (use your imagination if you're not aware already what this stands for) and Cody Deaner beat Velvet Sky and Angelina Love and ODB captures the TNA Knockouts Title (similar to the WWE Women's and Divas titles, for those not aware). OK, I get that. But...ENOUGH OF THE SINGLES TITLES BEING DEFENDED IN TAG MATCHES!!! It doesn't work, and besides, it's very awkward when a man (Deaner) pins a female in this kind of match. What, are we suppose to believe that Deaner is ACTUALLY the Knockouts champ?? Well, it worked for WWE, so it must work here, so thinks TNA anyway...

-- Homicide lost the X Division title to Samoa Joe. I like this one and it's the logical move to further Daniels' win earlier in the night. Plus it means that the Main Event Mafia/World Elite superfaction has all of the gold (excluding the Knockouts title, but expect Traci Brooks to take that no later than Bound For Glory, I'm calling that now; and more on how the other title change happened in a few).

-- Booker T and Scott Steiner retained the TNA Tag Titles over Team 3D. I understood why they had two referees when the finish happened and both refs counted pins for opposite sides. Going to the videotape was a nice touch and something TNA (and WWE for that matter) should do for future controversial finishes. Plus it furthered that feud, and leads naturally to Team 3D getting a future shot. They were all over the arena, but the pinfall happened in the ring - so why the hell is this "falls count anywhere" if the deciding pinfall only happens in the ring??

-- Kevin Nash wins the Legends title over Mick Foley and all I could say is "holy bloodbath, Batman"! Wow. That was a bloody match! Again, MEM/World Elite look very strong right here!

-- Kurt Angle retains the TNA World Title over Matt Morgan and Sting. Two things about this match I liked, and one I didn't. They teased Matt Morgan going along with Kurt Angle's plan, which made him turning against Angle believable. I did like that. I did like Sting and Matt Morgan getting more time in the ring, which if Sting wasn't about to retire would be a great opportunity for Morgan.

But what I didn't like about it is who walked away from this match with the victory and the title. Kurt Angle does NOT need to be TNA World Champion right now. For those who were living under a rock all weekend, Angle was arrested Saturday morning on charges of Violating a Protection From Abuse Order (otherwise known as a Restraining Order), Possession of Illegal Substances (he had a vial of Human Growth Hormone), Harassment and Driving On a Suspended License (his license had been suspended following a DUI last year). He'd beaten his girlfriend Friday night, she went and got the Protection From Abuse order, and then left to seek refuge elsewhere. Angle apparently drove to where his girlfriend had taken refuge at a Starbucks, and was driving around the parking lot when he was stopped by police.

Angle has some major issues at this point, and I believe he needs to be suspended based on the HGH possession charge, and probably needs to take some time away from the business. So what did TNA do? They KEPT THE BELT ON ANGLE! Not smart...he's mentally unstable, and to say the least he has some major personal issues that he really does need to deal with, NOW! If TNA doesn't do the right thing soon, something is going to happen to Angle and they're gonna find him dead or seriously ill somewhere. Mark my words on this one and watch if my prediction doesn't come true. TNA, put the title on Hernandez, NOW.

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Michael said...

Took the words right out of my mout bro.

74WIXYgrad said...

TNA has to keep the nWo, I mean, Main Event Mafia intact in their pursuit of bettering WWE. But I agree with you on this. And Vince has to have some smugness about not having his promotion getting the black eye this time.

J. Moses(Tri-State Media Watch Editor) said...

Definitely, Cliff. WWE now looks smart for releasing Kurt Angle. And he should, in my opinion, have taken time off right from the get-go when they did release him, maybe then he would not be in the mess he's in today.