Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Straight Shoot - My Aunt Mary, The Last Four Weeks, and Things Going Down

This is going to be a multi-part shoot on a few things... in case you're wondering, a shoot means that I'm speaking of real stuff, no lies, no mis-truths, no nothing. Just a straightforward blog.

Shoot 1 - My Aunt Mary and Her Involvement in Aunt Kathy's Suicide 2 Years Ago

There aren't many people who knew me 2 years ago here on blogger. So this shoot is new to most of you.

On August 14, 2007, my aunt Kathy Ludwick committed suicide by drug overdose. The sad thing is that it wouldn't have happened had the stress not been present in her life.

What stress? Financial stress and emotional stress.

See, earlier that year aunt Kathy had begun a divorce proceeding against my uncle Terry. The main reason for this was that he was a full-on alcoholic. She went to live with my aunt Mary in Indiana. Mary then began to forge Kathy's name on things like receipts, credit applications, and other financial things. That brought Kathy into quite a bit of debt. That debt then triggered emotional stress.

For two years, then, I've blamed aunt Mary for what aunt Kathy did. And while aunt Mary was certainly guilty of other crimes...she was not guilty of murder like I wanted to believe. I still don't like my aunt Mary for other things she has done against my family. But she isn't a murderer.

Shoot 2 - Doris: I took a lot of heat for a myspace post from four months ago... including Doris herself finding said post.

I don't care if this gets me heat.

I need to shoot straight here... I did nothing wrong when she and I split.

All I was trying to do at the time we split is to stop myself from becoming physically worse. Unfortunately...she misread it as making my OWN choice to split up.

Now, I'm going to shoot on her. Doris, you caused far too much pain for me. For SIX MONTHS, I haven't been myself. That ends tonight, August 12, 2009. I am DONE being anything other than me.

Shoot 3 - The Shoot of Mikey and its Effects - I am not going to get directly involved in that mess. But... I too had been a member of I too saw the quick collapse of the family atmosphere that had previously existed.

I believe that Mikey spoke only truth. Mikey tells it straight, just like it is. And for ANYONE to suggest he was lying is a slap in the face to him, and, in my own view, a slap in my face as well. Mikey is the older brother I haven't had and NOBODY is gonna slam him for posting the TRUTH. And I say Mikey is straight up BALLIN' as a brother.

Courage + Belief = LIFE

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Pat Jenkins said...

good post j mo!!.... keep growin brother!