Thursday, July 9, 2009

A First: Thursday Thirteen

So, this idea comes from Pat J. of Pat J (at least in my mind) knows it all fame. Every week or so on Thursday he does a list of thirteen...something's. It can be thirteen of anything at all.

So this week, his was about 13 dates that he remembers as being big days for him. So, I thought I'd list thirteen of my own.

1) 8-19-1985: The day I came into this world, and was diagnosed with spina bifida.
2) 10-1-2000: The first of two near-death experiences.
3) 4-30-2000: The day I was baptized, becoming a born-again Christian.
4) 4-27-2004: The first time I was ever involved in a serious accident. (I might detail this in a later blog.)
5) 5-7-2004: My senior prom. Never forget it.
6) 5-27-2004: Graduation night! Nuff said.
7) 6-2-2008: The first of two days of severe thunderstorms, packing hail, high winds, and several tornadoes. It was two days of severe weather tracking that I will NEVER forget!
8) 7-20-2008: Another severe weather day across my hometown. This time, a funnel cloud was spotted six miles west of my house, incredibly it a) didn't touch down and b) weakened before hitting the city of Florence, albeit slightly.
9) 9-14-2008: Two reasons this day is memorable. 1) My longtime best friend from high school, Krista Simpson, had her baby late the previous night. 2) HURRICANE IKE. The strongest winds I have ever experienced live and in person. 50 mile per hour sustained winds, with gusts pushing into the 75 to 80 mile per hour range! It was destruction everywhere!
10) 3-8-2009: My church moves into its new building. Again...nuff said.
11) 7-1-2009: The day I was inspired by the late Billy Mays to create a device to help millions.
12) 8-23-2006: My niece was born on this date.
13)(tie) 8-18-07/6-8-07/1-7-07: The days I found out my aunt, grandpa Moses and papa Mitch had died.

Courage + Belief = LIFE

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Pat Jenkins said...

good stuff j mo! thanks for the journey thru you life!!!