Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday 13: 13 Favorite TV Channels

For my second Thursday Thirteen, I decided to pick my 13 favorite TV channels to watch!

1) WLWT-TV: Their chief meteorologist Derek Beasley is a good man, and a really good forecaster as well. They wouldn't do a "Derek Said it Would" campaign if he wasn't.
2) WKRC-TV: My favorite local TV station for all things news.
3) WXIX-TV: Shows such as "The Simpsons" headline my viewing here.
4) Discovery: Mythbusters AND Pitchmen! Nuff said!
5) A&E: Dog, Exterminators, and First 48. There ya are.
6) WSTR-TV: Mainly due to my love of WWE. I watch a couple other shows occasionally as well.
7) USA: Again, WWE. Nuff said.
8) Weather Channel: A few things about this channel that I like. It was one of the first stations I started watching when I began watching TV.
9) Nickelodeon: I have been a fan of different shows on that station.
10) Cartoon Network: I have begun watching "Destroy Build Destroy". Fun show! If I were young enough, I'd compete there!
11) TrueTV: I like "Hot Pursuit" among others.
12) TNT: Occasionally, a movie I like will come on. When it does - I watch.
13) Food Network: Yep - I'm a foodie! LOL...I do like to watch some things here.

There ya are!

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Pat Jenkins said...

good thursday thirteen idea j mo! i am down with the food network, though i am disappointed i didn't see any thing from espn....he he

J. Moses(Tri-State Media Watch Editor) said...

If it'd been a Thursday Fifteen...they'd have been on the list :) But those are my top 13.