Saturday, July 11, 2009

Friday Freestyle the Sixth (A Day Late)

I had meant and planned to post this last evening on my return from Mikey's house. However...physical circumstances prevented such. I will note as always that these are NEVER pre-written (like most of my poem work). It is all done on the fly...

Here we go again
Time for another go-round
And I had hoped we were done with memorials
But it looks like there's more to do

Steve McNair was a good player
Of the game of football
So why someone shot him dead
Is puzzling for us all

Arturo Gatti got some people talking
Made some watch the sweet science of boxing
He too, was shot dead today
What is the world comin to

Me and my boy the K-I-D
Got some work done this week
But we got a long way to go yet
And this is far from a finished concept

We're about done for this week
And I want y'all to come back in 7
So for now I say love, peace and blessin's to y'all
And so long, from the 8-5-9

Courage + Belief = LIFE


Mike Golch said...

nice freestyle.Posting.

Pat Jenkins said...

first time i think i have ever "seen" the word CONCEPT in a freestyle!!... he he....