Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Shuffle Blog That Almost Isn't.

Gonna start this with Bon Jovi - Have a Nice Day.

So I hope everybody is doing well. Me...meh, I could be better, after today's debacle with trying to get a wheelchair cushion replaced. Which apparently, even if I do express delivery, will take TWO DAYS. My mom thinks I need to shut myself down for two days...but, I already know no matter how I do everything, if I shut down for two days, we'll have to work that much harder to get back on track with the project Mikey and I are doing. And besides this... I don't HAVE two days to wait for what I need! So I would really like to NOT have to shut down for two days. As it is, taking today off, while good for the body, won't throw us off too far. Taking more than a day off...that will.

So, as "Live For The Moment" by Monster Magnet comes on the speakers...what else? Well as I said, I'm working on a serious project to help make life better for millions. There's about 20 million people who could use what I'm working on. I just hope beyond hope that it all works out! Yes I'll release details at some point here on this blog - but, I would be risking someone stealing our idea. I will say this - it will make carrying some things easier!

"I ain't buyin no future/When the past is so far away!" - lyric from "Live For The Moment". YEAH!

What next? Well, as "Are You Real" by KJ-52 comes blasting in...I turn my attention to de-compression. How many of us stress so much over the little stuff...and then when the big things come along, are completely and totally PARALYZED by it as if we don't know what to do? And we probably don't. I have had those moments. "Now that I've seen you, I've been through a major change..." If we're gonna make changes in our lives, they are these:

1) Don't lay your head down tonight if you're reading this, without coming to know God if you don't.
2) Let Him worry about everything. Big, small, whatever.

That's what I plan to do tonight. "Pocketful of Sunshine" by Natasha Bedingfield now. NICE! I picked this one. I'm trying to get my mind right tonight - so I don't go to bed stressed. That's what writing this blog is about too. Just to release all this stuff on my mind.

It's almost 2 years since my aunt Kathy died. (J's Note: It was August 14, 2007 that she took her own life.) I sometimes wonder what she would say if I told her what I am doing now. I'm sure she would smile on me and say, "Good job, Jeremy."

I think my brain is empty now, so I'm gonna go - I need sleep before I cross the river tomorrow to work on the big invention. I'm taking the laptop tomorrow - so I will talk to everybody from Mikey's.

Courage + Belief = LIFE

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Pat Jenkins said...

we need to work on your playlists j mo!!.. he he..