Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Like Natalie Simpson Because...

AUTHOR'S NOTE: After some time with no "I Like...Because..." posts - they're returning, and with a vengeance! Expect 3 in the next week and a half. Today: Natalie Simpson.

Like many of my Facebook friends, Natalie and I met in 2000 when I became a member of Florence Baptist Church. Natalie actually finished high school at that time, being a senior at the time we met.

As time went on, I initially only saw Natalie on Sundays. That was pretty much the first four years of our friendship. When I moved into the college/singles ministry in 2004, and started going to Northern Kentucky University, Natalie was there. (We're still in the singles/college ministry to this day.)

As the time passed, Natalie and I talked about a lot of things. We discussed life. We discussed our relationships with God. In some cases, we discussed our respective relationships with the opposite sex. I knew I could look up to this young lady to show me how to live. Heck, we even discussed politics at times! Specifically, when Natalie wrote a post about Obama's election back in November, and then I wrote my own post, we both agreed on our reasons for voting the way we did (both of us voted for now-President Obama).

Natalie, like everybody else on my list, is a sweetheart of a friend. She'll tell you what she thinks of things, and doesn't hold back. She'll make you laugh when you need it.

Natalie also cares a LOT about her family. When her dad was fighting cancer...she made it a point to do her best to help him, and keep us informed of what happened, all the way until his passing in June of 2008. Sadly, the cancer wasn't treatable - but her spirit was unbelievable through it all. This gives me hope that I can handle any future deaths in my family that same way.

She is also a loving girlfriend to a man named Chad...and of course a sister to all of us who know Christ the way she does.

As always - if you know Natalie, drop her a note and let her know you appreciate her friendship.

Courage + Belief = LIFE

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