Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Spending Time In The Pokey

The above is another way to say "I spent time at the local detention facility".

And no, I was NOT the one in trouble.

I had to go to Kenton County Detention Center twice in the past week. Both times it was for my sister's fiancee.

I won't state his name on the blog (those who know, know who they are) but I will tell you that most of the offenses he was charged with last week were just minor traffic things. However in one situation he was charged with non-support, meaning not paying child support. Consequently there are further proceedings going on in that case.

When I went on Saturday, it was so my sister could see him for the first time in six days. Tonight, it was to get him out.

And let me just say this: Both trips have solidified my dislike of that particular part of our justice system.

Not that these people aren't getting what they had coming. They are.

My dislike stems purely from the facts that a) in the visitation room, there was only a sheet of bulletproof glass separating me and these inmates and b) It just felt like a place I didn't want to be.

I could only stand being in there for 10 minutes at most - and then I split.

Tonight wasn't quite as bad...but I still didn't want to be there, and for that reason I was glad when we split out of there after 90 seconds.

So, in summary: If you can avoid the local hoosegow...do it. Seriously. It ain't a good place...

Courage + Belief = LIFE

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