Saturday, November 14, 2009

Friday Freestyle - Saturday Early Morning Not-so-sleepy J Edition

It's time now for one more go
The freestyle's back, and it's been awhile
But y'all, that's okay, that's quite alright
We're gonna get this thing started after a long night

Been trying to relax for much of the week
I feel like I'm just getting very weak
But that's probably due to the small chair I'm in
Y'all, don't take it as though I'm complainin'
I wouldn't wish this on any worst enemy

It isn't a picnic for this 24 year old
But y'all, I somehow manage it anyway
Everyone chill, y'all I GOT THIS
It hopefully won't be long before it's licked

Nor'easter went through the eastern coast
My forecasting abilities, of them I shall not boast
I didn't do that great calling the track
But that's alright, I'll learn as I look back

Listenin to early morning music on the Q
Good mix to get this Saturday AM goin'
Thought I heard Holly'll be at the mall later
If she is, there I'm definitely headin'

So, I just thought I'd throw out this random thing
Don't have a lot, for sure no real bling
But I'll be back in 7 days, till then stay blessed
Don't even trip, y'all, don't be stressed

Courage + Belief = LIFE

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