Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Two Dollar Bills...I've Never Seen One Till Now.

I was at church yesterday evening, and was playing Wii Bowling. I had played 2 or three practice games when I was approached by Jonathan Kirk, one of the other guys in the young adults ministry. He wanted to challenge me to a game.

Of course, I accepted the challenge. He then raised the stakes as we got started with a 2 dollar bill up for grabs to the winner of the game.

I soundly defeated him, 204-132 (or somewhere in that neighborhood anyway), and he paid up.

I've never seen a $2 bill I took these pictures.

I'm hesitant to spend it...but, money is money, right?? ;=)

Courage + Belief = LIFE

1 comment:

Mike Golch said...

for some reason the 2 dollar bill has seemd to disapear into collections.I have not seen one in quite a while.