Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Doctor, Same Frustrations

Well...I go to my new Spina Bifida doctor this afternoon around 2. This doctor will be seeing me about every year from now on for Spina Bifida-related care. This is good news, as I've needed a doctor of some kind for the last 3 months thanks to Children's Hospital's sudden change of policy last August with regards to my care.

However...there's a lot of the same frustrations that I've dealt with for the last 3+ months still. I'll list them all here...

1) My headaches continue. I have dealt with headaches for some time. Occasionally, when I go a day or two without caffeine, if I get the standard "bi-weekly" headaches in the midst of that stretch, they get 10 times worse. I'm not kidding about this one.

2) My wheelchair problems. Needless to say, the first thing this doctor is likely to do is take one look at my wheelchair and say, "What are you DOING in something that small?" The problem is...because of the above sudden change by Children's, I was unable to secure a new chair. See where this is going?? Possibly for this reason, but more likely others as well...

3) back continues to give me hell. This week might have been the WORST in terms of my back pain. I literally was screaming at one point on Tuesday night, it was THAT bad. I didn't sleep that night. Because of that...

4) problems with sleep cycle continue. Sure, I'll sleep 8 hours,'s never a certainty that that 8 hours occurs at nighttime. I get on track once in a while for a couple days...then something will happen to me and I'll be thrown off. It's frustrating. In fact, I slept from 11 Wednesday morning through most of the day.

Hopefully this doctor can solve at least problems 2 and 3. I'll be even happier if he can solve problem 1. Problem 4...well that might not be so bad once the other two major issues are solved.

Courage + Belief = LIFE


Anonymous said...

Came by from Cliffs blog to give you a few words of encouragement.
Its frustrating and I hope you get a wheelchair that works for you.
Cant imagine how it would be to live with headaches.

Jen said...

I hope this doctor is the answer to your prayers; you're in mine.