Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Like Brian Fowler Because...

AUTHOR'S NOTE: As I told you earlier, I am spotlighting Brian Fowler for this edition of "I Like...Because...". Coming up on Sunday afternoon (if Real Life doesn't Intervene between now and then): FBC's Pastor to Young Adults and Media, Pete Coleman.

So, tonight I am spotlighting someone who I pretty much went through the high school years knowing fairly well. He went through them with me from 2001 to 2004, when I graduated high school, and he was still a junior. Now, we hang out every Tuesday night and see each other other times during the week some weeks. That someone is Brian Fowler.

You might notice the theme with most of these posts. Not only are all of them facebook friends, but most, if not all, have some belief in God like I do. Brian is another example. He walks the Christian walk every single day. It's difficult not to see Christ in Brian.

Brian is very much an active member of FBC. He's there every Sunday and every Tuesday night. He often helps out with setup when needed. You don't have to ask twice, he's usually willing and able to jump in.

Brian is also very much a contruting member of society. Indeed, his current major project, when not working for General Electric's plant in Evendale, Ohio, is the Boone County Relay For Life. (This year's RFL is June 26-27 in Union, Kentucky.) He is a member of the Superstars team, with which it will be my privilege to walk this year. (I will also be participating in one of three RFL events in Indianapolis next week, or at least I am planning on it.)

Finally, Brian is a family man. He has a great girlfriend, Amanda Isaacs, along with an awesome family and a good support system. His friends are also highly important to him.

As always, the aim of the "I Like...Because..." series is to spotlight the friends I have, and to let them know how much they're appreciated. I gain nothing but good vibes by doing this, while they gain gratitude among other things. That is why I like Brian Fowler. As always, go leave him a comment letting him know you're grateful for his friendship. (Especially those of you who go to FBC with us.)

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