Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A tragedy has struck my city today.

It is not a tornado, nor any kind of bad weather.

Rather, it is the loss of a young lady taken FAR too soon.

Laura Chaney, 18, was walking from her dorm room on the campus of Western Kentucky University to her 8am class/exam Monday morning. For whatever reason, and it's said it was a blood clot in her lungs according to the Cincinnati Enquirer, she collapsed in Gilbert Hall. She died shortly thereafter. The hometown connection is, Laura was a freshman from Florence, who graduated from Boone County High School with my brother Mark last year.

Tonight, many of her friends gathered to mourn her passing. Funeral arrangements haven't yet been made, but a facebook group created to honor Chaney says that they will likely have visitation Friday and a funeral Saturday.

Chaney would have come home Thursday.

Several of my friends knew her. I did not personally...but God, I wish I had. This young lady sounded like she was so much like others of my friends...always smiling, there when you needed her...

This is a sad day for our city.

May Laura Chaney rest in peace.

June 7, 1990-May 11, 2009


74WIXYgrad said...

A good person gone way too young. I mourn with you my friend.

Mike Golch said...

I mourn with you as well.

Now for the reason of my visit.Congrats on the super Blogger award that 74WIXYGrad gave you.

Sandee said...

Her family and friends are in my prayers.

Mike G sent me over. :)

SKJen said...

My sorority sister...RIP Dear Laura - Phi Epsilon Phi Eta

J. Moses(Tri-State Media Watch Editor) said...


Are you a current sorority sister of Laura's? If so, which chapter? The entire WKU Greek Community has to be reeling from this just as this community is and you all are in my thoughts as well.

SKJen said...

I graduated from Epsilon Zeta chapter, WKU in fall of 2005, where Laura was a member. Some of my sisters that were in the chapter with me and are younger, were still in the chapter with Laura.
Our Greek students at WKU have a bad history - in '04 three Phi Mu's were killed in a car accident and last year a Kappa Delta was also killed in a car accident. Besides Greeks, our school has gone through traumatic incidents. Katie Autry was set on fire in 2003 in her dorm room and died. Danny Rumph, a guy on our basketball guy, collapsed and died while playing basketball at home with his family on a break. Although WKU's a big school, when something tragic happens, the whole school is like one big family.
I'm very sad for the girls in the chapter now because if I lost anyone I was active with while I was there, it would be devastating. They are your family in college and for the rest of your life. Now I'm in the stage of marriages and babies with my sisters. Laura's facebook page now has over 1100 members.