Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Like Lindsay Rawlings Because...

Author's Note: If you recall, I wrote an "I Like...Because..." about Cliff (74WIXYgrad) some time back. Well, I decided to move to a series on facebook, seeing as there are a lot of my friends who I feel deserve the spotlight there. Not to worry...the posts will be made available here on blogger. And there will be a special edition on Sunday for Mother's Day, about my mom. The following was originally posted to my facebook notes. Tonight: Spotlighting friend of 9 years, Lindsay Rawlings.

For what it is worth, I do not believe there could be a better time to celebrate a wonderful friendship, than at a time when one of your best friends is preparing to graduate college.

The friend I am spotlighting tonight is someone I have known for about 9 years. Her name is Lindsay Rawlings.

Lindsay and I first met around 2000, when I began attending Florence Baptist Church. Initially, we didn't see each other often. We both were in the student ministry, both in middle school, but the grades were separated into boys and girls. As time went on, we interacted more and more, and I began to see the wonderful heart inside this young lady.

Lindsay is a very talented person. She plays the bass guitar, sometimes at church when her dad sings. She knows, and loves, music. And when her dad and several other church members formed The Harvesters, Lindsay played the background bass guitar when they went out to play concerts.

Lindsay also is a wonderful friend. She has been there for me through the good times and the bad (and sometimes, the very, VERY bad). When you are friends with Lindsay, you can pretty much take to the bank that you will remain friends for good, and that she will stand by you when you need someone to.

Lindsay just completed 5 years of study to become a RN at Thomas More College. Her caring nature comes through in what she is doing. It is my personal belief that as soon as she completes the certification process, she will go on to become one of the Tri-State area's best nursing professionals. Lindsay is dedicated to what she is doing. The proof of this comes from her latest note here on Facebook, in which she reflects on the 5 years it has taken her to do this.

All of these things, and more, are why I like (actually, more like love) Lindsay Rawlings...if you're her friend, drop by her page, congratulate her on her upcoming graduation, and let her know you appreciate her friendship.

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74WIXYgrad said...

Good post Jeremy. Lindsay sounds like she practices the presence of Christ.

And thank you for reminding me that I've got to get back to my I like...Because posts. I've spent too much time with the Clear Channel Kool Aid drinkers.