Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More information on Laura Chaney's passing.

A couple more pieces of information for you all.

-- I learned this morning that indeed, my brother Mark Moses not only went to school with her, but had spoken with her on a couple occasions and had an English class with her.

-- Funeral arrangements have been made. Her funeral will be on Saturday with a visitation Friday night, according to (UPDATE/EDIT: While the article at left talks about this morning's memorial at WKU, this release from the university itself has a few more details.)

-- Finally, a personal note from me. Thank you to all those who have left me notes. Thank you as well to those who maybe have only read and are silently praying for me, for this family, and for our community. This entire situation still doesn't make sense in my head, but we do know she is in a far better place where there can be no more pain.


Mike Golch said...

thank you for the update.

Jen said...

This is so sad-what a terrible thing for her parents to have to go through.
As my son came home today from collage I thought how lucky I am.
I will have them in my prayers.