Monday, May 25, 2009

I Like Josh Walton Because...

AUTHOR'S NOTE: For a change, I'm copy/pasting from here to Facebook, but it's still the latest in my Facebook "I Like...Because..." series. Tonight: Josh Walton. Next week: Brian Fowler (Wednesday) and Pete Coleman(Sunday).

When you're 19 and just out of high school, and you're starting a new life as a college kid, you've got to have those people who keep you in line. Josh Walton was one such man.

Walton and I go to Florence Baptist Church together. In the middle of this decade, Josh became my Wednesday evening College/Career Bible Fellowship leader. (That's a mouthful.) Josh has many Christ-like qualities not the least of such is his love for others and his passion for teaching.

By the time mid-2005 came around, Josh was working for Cinergy (now Duke Energy CG&E) and based at the downtown Cincinnati headquarters on Fourth Street, across from a TANK Bus Stop at Main Street. But Josh knew that wasn't his calling. His real calling was to reach people for Christ.

In 2006, Josh began to follow this calling. He quit his job and moved to Virginia to train to be a missionary. By the end of 2006, Josh was in Mexico, at Monterrey, reaching people for Christ. He continued this work for a couple of years, staying in contact with friends and family via blogs and a yahoo email.

In 2008, Josh moved back to the United States of America, moving to Oklahoma to work with college students at Oklahoma Baptist University for the 08-09 school year. Currently I believe Josh is back in Northern Kentucky, but I am not sure if it is just summer break or if it is for good. Maybe Josh will read this and update us.

As always, if you know Josh, go by and encourage him.

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