Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I love my mom because...

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Next "I Like...Because..." will return to the Facebook friends format, and will spotlight Lindsay Zeis, a friend of mine for 6 years who has Type 1 diabetes. For this one, it's a mother's day theme.

So, today I wanted to write about my mom.

My mom is someone very important, without her I literally would not exist. She gave birth to me at 11:20pm EDT on August 19, 1985.(I know the exact time because of a calendar here in my room.)

My mother is a patient woman. She not only has me, but four other kids to deal with. One of whom no longer lives with us, but across town. The three brothers I have, live here.

My mom also works very hard to support this family. She spends long hours at her office, working as a tax compliance manager for CBS Personnel Services downtown. She will be off in June for a week, and is taking a hit because this is unpaid time off. Still, through this, she's not letting her worry show so much. She doesn't like to worry me or her husband, my stepfather. (I will be doing an "I like/love...because..." about him and my biological father for father's day. Just an advance warning.) And that's why I love my mom, Tereasa Herald.

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Pat Jenkins said...

happy belated mother's day to your mom jeremy!!!