Friday, June 5, 2009

Another First: What Are You Thinking, Cincinnati?

This is something else I am starting here. I borrowed this idea from someone I follow on my Twitter, Enquirer writer Alex Shebar. He has a blog on, and some of his posts are entitled "What Are You Thinking, Cincinnati?". They're basically things he wonders what we were thinking when we did them.

With that said, I have one of my own. (And if I, a life-long resident of the area, have some of those moments, then well, you can certainly see where someone who isn't from here might. I forgot to mention, Shebar is originally from New England, coming here from Syracuse University in New York.)

Recently, I have spent copious amounts of time traveling through the north side of the city, heading between Florence and Northgate. My travels took me on Metro busses through Knowlton's Corner, which is the intersection where Spring Grove, Ludlow and Hamilton Avenues and Hoffner Street meet, just north of I-75 and I-74's interchange in Northside.

Here is the "What Are You Thinking" comes into play.

Just a few hundred yards north of Knowlton's Corner, is Blue Rock Street. (NOTE: Blue Rock is Cincinnati's version of Atlanta's Peachtree...there's quite a few streets named Blue Rock.) Both Hamilton and Spring Grove Avenues intersect with Blue Rock Street, only a few hundred yards apart.

But one traveling on Hamilton Avenue cannot turn left onto Blue Rock, directly FROM Hamilton. Oh, no...that would be too easy.

Instead, one must bear RIGHT onto Spring Grove Avenue, then turn LEFT onto Blue Rock...just to come across Hamilton Avenue again! There's gotta be a better way, but because Hamilton Avenue is not a "no on-street parking" zone, of course, this is how it is.

But it still makes me wonder...seriously, What Were You Thinking, Cincinnati??

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