Friday, June 5, 2009

First Friday Freestyle Criticism...Constructive Idea!

So, I got a criticism of my first Friday Freestyle from the master of the Freestyle, Mikey. And it was constructive, after all, he's known for tellin it how it is. I can dig that.

And he's right. I gotta make it my own, somehow. I'll figure it out. But, the idea to post a weekly freewriting blog, was his. That, I can't take credit for.

After re-reading it, I think I might stick with poem-type stuff. That hip-hop delivery just...isn't me, after rereading the first effort.

1 comment:

dpunkboi16 said...

It was cool man, and you had a great first try but, we just need to work on your delivery... I'll help if I can...