Monday, June 8, 2009

I Like Pete Coleman Because...

OK Folks, once again it is time to do an I Like post. This was actually supposed to be last week's subject, but, I took the week off from it due to other things. So, he is now this week's subject...Pete Coleman.

Pete is somebody I have known for just about 9 years. We go back to when I first came to Florence Baptist Church in 2000, where he has ministered for just over 17 years. Right away, Pete made me feel welcome as a member of FBC when I joined later in the year. As I grew up through the high school ministry, followed by now the college and singles ministries (which can be classified now as a Young Adults Ministry basically), Pete has kind of been a rock of faith on earth upon which I know I can depend. (Of course, I depend on Jesus as well, but...on earth, Pete's one of the people I look up to.)

Pete is, without a doubt, one of the best witnesses for Him I have EVER seen. Pete always says this, and I know he believes it by the way he behaves..."If what you believe, doesn't change the way you behave, then what you believe IS NOT Biblical." I know I have my own struggles, but Pete accepts this and loves me just the same.

Pete is also a loving father to his two sons, Tanner and Tate, and a great husband to his wife, Amy. Pete talks about them a lot, and even on facebook, he shows his love for his family. He sometimes even uses stories about Tanner or Tate to make a point for those of us in the young adult ministry.

The other thing I like about Pete is, he is never afraid to tell it as it is. If he thinks something is right, he'll tell you. If he thinks something's amiss...yep, he'll tell you that, too. Either way, you always know where you stand.

And that's what I like about Pete. As always, if you're one of my facebook peeps, and are also one of Pete's...go remind him that his work is appreciated.

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