Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Broader Themed "What Are You Thinking?" Post

WARNING: Loads of caps typing ahead...sorry, y'all, I'm a bit frustrated this morning.

So, I am sitting here, early this morning, glancing around the internet. I go to my email and see an invitation to be part of some "RickRoll Day" today. The person says Rick Astley (you know, the guy behind the "RickRoll" video meme?) has died today.

This would normally be a fitting way to pay tribute to a deceased celebrity. (Heck, look what we saw with MJ's death Thursday. Or with Billy Mays' death Sunday [today was a day when people were asked to wear blue in his memory]). But...

Come on. You can't fool someone who blogs about media. Factchecking is the bane of any journalist's existence.

So, I looked into this story. Not only is it TOTALLY FALSE, but there's a SECOND one about Kanye West, same kind of story, also dead. ALSO TOTALLY FALSE.

When the hell are people gonna start learning that you can't trust everything that's said on the internet!?!? Just because someone throws the supposed "story" on a national news site (In this case, CNN's I-Report is being used to spread this false news) doesn't make it true. The news organizations will almost ALWAYS check the facts BEFORE reporting them as true.

So, in conclusion, about this "spreading rumors of celebrity demises", I say:


Courage + Belief = LIFE

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