Friday, June 5, 2009

A First Ever: Friday Freestyle

I decided to start something new here. It is called "Friday Freestyle". Freestyle means I write whatever comes to my head, just completely randomly. These WILL rhyme, and yes they will come out kinda hip-hoppish, but, that's the nature of the freestyle. My friend Mike gave me this idea. It's really much like my normal poems, except this will be a regular series. So, here's the first edition.

Hey yo, It's ya boy J Mo
Droppin a freebie on all yo
Bounce back from the bad, get to the good
When y'all go thru hell, then I'll be understood

Here we go, get on the train
It's taken up residence in my messed up brain
I gotta thank my boy Mikey T
For this idea was all his you see

Three days before leavin this town behind
Suddenly a girl changes her mind
That's okay, yo, I ain't gettin mad no mo
What's the point, if down it don't go

Hangin with the mikey man
Twitterin and rollin as only we can
Picture us rollin, you bet
After all, it didn't take long and out we get

So I'm gonna end this here freestyle
And give props to Mikey for walkin the mile
And I'll see y'all next Friday
And we'll hit ya with another rap on the way!


Mike Golch said...

Nice one!

Pat Jenkins said...

pretay good j mo!! i like friday freestyle...