Saturday, June 6, 2009

What Are You Thinking, Cincinnati? - Zipping Around Stopped Metro Busses

Again, this is inspired by fellow twitter-er Alex Shebar @ the Enquirer. And once again, it's an observation from my trips to Cincinnati over the last week. This doesn't happen in Kentucky as much, but does it ever happen in Cincy...

So, I got on the route 19 (Colerain/Northgate) bus to head back downtown after my Thursday out with Mikey. And when we were starting our trip from near the Airy Pony Keg, everything was cool.

But then...we had to stop to pick up a passenger. And oh, did somebody get IMPATIENT! (The following rant will explain this tweet I posted at 7:16 PM Thursday night.)

This person, in an SUV I believe it was, decided they didn't want to wait 30 seconds for someone to board this metro bus, and decided instead to promptly ZIP PAST THE BUS LIKE IT WASN'T EVEN THERE, honking at the driver angrily in the process.

Are we really that impatient, that we cannot wait 30 seconds for someone to get on a transit bus before continuing down the road? Granted, this was Colerain Avenue, but seriously...

When you put a loved one on a transit bus, you wait to make sure they got on it with no problems, right? And yet, it can be someone else's loved one, and you don't care that that person makes it onto the bus safely, only that THEY MADE YOU LATE for something that probably isn't all THAT pressing, especially at 7 PM. And seriously, it's dangerous to do that, because in the wrong weather conditions, you CAN spin out and crash your vehicle, possibly taking that innocent person's life in the process. There has been a rash of incidents involving folks getting run over by busses - it's only a matter of time until someone either a) clips a bus causing a serious head-on crash or b) gets around the bus only to slide off the road and take out another pedestrian somewhere.

It just makes me wonder, "What are you thinking, Cincinnati?"

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